Most of the women dress to impress men. There’s absolutely nothing wrong about it. Trying to attract the opposite gender has been on top of the priority list of both men and women for centuries. In fact, most of women’s clothing is designed in a way that it attracts men. However, you will also find certain clothes which look trendy to you, but may not impress men. Moreover, there are many clothes in the market which men can’t just stand.

According to a recent survey, men identified ten clothes that they don’t like on women. In fact, some of the most popular clothes, footwear and accessories are part of this list. In this article, we have tried to tell you about the top 10 clothes women should avoid if they are trying to impress men.

Harem Pants

Harem pants instantly became popular when they were seen on the Yves Saint Laurent catwalk about three years ago. Since then, almost every major label has been manufacturing harem pants. Most of the men hate harem pants. They think that there’s nothing sexy in seeing no buttocks or legs, but just folds of fabric.

In fact, most men think that harem pants make a woman look like she just filled her nappy. When a woman is wearing harem pants, she seems to be a fashion victim rather than looking to hook up with a guy.


In the last couple of years, jumpsuits have been extremely popular. Due to their increasing popularity, most women spend long hours in the bathroom wrestling this women’s clothing. Most men don’t like jumpsuits as they make a woman look shapeless. They find nothing sexy about a woman wearing a jumpsuit. Moreover, they think that jumpsuits give an impression of being overly clever and confused. According to most men, women wearing jumpsuits either look like toddlers or old ladies.

UGG Boots

This is an Antipodean footwear which seems awful to most men. Although this footwear has become a part of every social occasion, it is still hated by men. They are just not ready to accept it. With UGG Boots, a woman always feels her skin sweaty. Irrespective of the occasion, men feel that even the thought of sweaty feet is a big turnoff.

Usually, men love the sound of a clicking heel. However, they don’t find anything sexy about the pad-like sound of UGG Boots. According to men, these boots don’t allow a glimpse of the cleavage or ankle and smell pretty bad too.


Well, headbands were symbolic of Bjorn Borg until a few years back. As a result, men wonder why women would want to look like that. Usually, most men don’t like anything in a woman’s smooth hair. Whether we talk about slides, scrunchies, fascinators or hairspray, men just want women to let their hair fall loose. Men like to run their fingers through a woman’s hair without any obstacles.

Gladiator Sandals

Most men simply detest gladiator sandals. Needless to say, it takes ages to take off and put on gladiator sandals. Moreover, they also leave disgusting red welts on those lovely feet and ankles. However, these are only some setbacks. The biggest problem that men find with gladiator sandals is that they make women seem short.


Most men feel that the basic problem with leggings is that there is absolutely no mystery. In fact, every contour is completely revealed. Most men also feel that leggings are quite common and almost every woman wears them irrespective of her shape. Thus, leggings may result in sausage legs. There is no need to avoid the leggings completely, but if someone is going on a date or want to attract someone towards her in a party, then she should avoid leggings.

Women tend to follow what celebrities wear. However, they sometimes fail to understand that there is a difference in wearing something on the ramp or on-screen and wearing the same on the street. Most men feel that leggings are too comfortable. Thus, if a woman gets used to them, there may not be any going back. Men feel women should consider the following things is they really have to wear leggings:

  • Wear them occasionally
  • Never wear them with shorts
  • Try not to get used to them


Tuxedos are for men. It is as simple as that. With movies like Miss Congeniality and Sex and the City, women have started wearing tuxedos. However, men consider tuxedos as a ridiculous and desiccated form of women’s clothing. When it comes to clothing, men are pretty simple creatures. They like to see a woman’s arms, legs, cleavage and may be a bit of buttocks. They certainly don’t want to see a woman in shirt studs and braces.


It’s quite funny, but no one wants a woman who seems to be a builder. In fact, men are not interested in women who hide their breasts or waist behind heavy sailcloth of nasty denim. Men don’t like complexities when it comes to women’s clothing. They like women who keep it simple.

Oversized Sunglasses

Well, oversized sunglasses always give an impression that a woman is hiding something. Maybe a basic lie or a drinking problem. Most men tend to agree with this notion. Men also think that eyes are the best assets of a woman. There is absolutely no reason to hide them. The darkness of these oversized shades is not the only thing that worries men. They are also worried by their sheer size.

Tea Length Skirt

A tea length skirt is also a poor choice. A tea length skirt breaks up the leg line and falls around the middle of the calf. Thus, it makes a woman look shorter. Men have always liked basic skirts. A pencil skirt is also liked by most men.

These were only the top 10 clothes women should avoid if they are trying to impress men. explains how you can take care of your dressing style if you want to impress men.

Sandra Allison has been writing articles for lifestyle and fashion websites and blogs for over three years. She likes writing, reading and shopping in her free time.

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