Everyone at some point has heard about the Nike Air Max and how they have slowly shaped today’s fashion trends. Because of how successful the Air Max is, Nike has been improving it year after year, trying to develop all sorts of designs and iterations to give to the masses. But even with all of the different versions, there are a few that most sneakerheads would want to wear.

When you look for a Nike Air Max Online, you will see all kinds of versions and colourways. If you were to focus on the Air Max colourways, you could see that even the slightest colour change can make a drastic difference to the shoes and how you wear them. You have to know a few of the well-known Air Max colourways to help create your next outfit.

1. Nike Air Max 1 (White/Red)

The first-ever Nike Air Max was created in 1987 by Tinker Hatfield. He got his inspiration from the Pompidou building in France. You can see that Hatfield has adopted the red and white colours from the building into the shoe design. Back then, the air bubble underneath the shoes’ heels was considered revolutionary, and the Air Max was the first shoe ever to solidify this iconic shoe feature.

2. Nike Air Max 90 (Infrared)

After releasing the Air Max 1 and Air Max Light, people nowadays have grown used to the Nike Air Max 90. The reason for this being one of the most popular colourways is due to its design changes. You will see more colours in different areas of the shoe compared to the Air Max 1, which had a single colour pattern. The design still kept some of the features found on the Air Max 1, such as the mesh and suede construction. However, they added more cushioning to the Air bubble, and the side of the sole has more angle.

3. Nike Air Max 93 (Menthol)

As the name suggests, the shoe was designed in 1993 using the blow-moulding technique. This was the first instance that Nike gave people a coloured air unit. For the Air Max 93 Menthol, you have a light-blue, mint-ish air unit. One other distinguishable feature of the shoe was how the tongue and collar wrap around your ankle like a glove. This was the best feature that made most running enthusiasts wear the Air Max 93, back in the day.

4. Nike Air Max 97 (Silver Bullet)

Fast forward to 1997, Nike gave everyone the Nike Air Max 97. The design completely sets itself apart from the Air Max 1 down to the 93. It only had a bit of similarity to the Air Max 95 due to its wavy stitching patterns at the side. You have Christian Tresser to thank for this futuristic-looking shoe. The Air unit almost covers the entire sole’s length, and the patterns were inspired by the bullet trains in Tokyo. Apart from the bullet train, the colour was inspired by a different object, a mountain bike, due to its metallic finish, thus given the colourway name “Silver Bullet”.

These are some of the many famous colourways you will see worn by people. You can try searching for Nike Air Max online and you might just find the perfect colourway that would fit your overall style.

Author: Helen Harry