Top 5 Christmas Toys Of 2012 For Boys

For boys, Christmas is not just about action figures and video games. Any toy can bring fun and excitement.

Boys love:

  • Action Figures
  • Cars
  • Tech Toys
  • Spy Toys
  • Building Toys
  • Collectibles

Don’t just go out looking for the newest gizmos. You have to make sure to buy toys that are not only fun but durable. Here are 5 Top Christmas Toys Of 2012 for those rough and tough boys on your holiday shopping list.

Christmas toys 2012 for boys

Fun With Puppets

Everybody loves puppets. Now kids can get their own puppets with a new toy from Education Insights called Puppet on a Stick. These puppets come in a variety of fun colors including purple,  yellow, and green. There is a little lever that allows you to open and close the mouth of the puppet. Kids just have to supply the voices. We love the open ended play and the more people who participate, the more fun it is. This toy is designed for ages 4 and up.

Even Kids Can Be Heroes

Fisher Price has a new Rescue Heroes toy called Rescue Heroes Hero World Voice Comm Police Car. This is a great vehicle for those who aspire to become part of law enforcement or want to play that role of serving and protecting. This vehicle is powered by 2 AA batteries so be sure to have those on hand. To turn on the vehicle you will need to look at the switch underneath the vehicle. Once you flip the switch the Police Car will be ready for use. This police car features a battering ram that pops out from the front of the vehicle with a rotation of a switch on the hood of the police car. The cockpit of this car can be entered by lifting open the top of the car. You can seat your Voice Comm figure inside the driver’s seat. If you press the button the top most portion of the police car you will hear police sirens and some flashing action. One police dog will come along with the set for those sniffing missions. The Rescue Heroes Hero World Voice Comm Police Car is recommended for kids ages 3 and over.

World of Warcraft Enters The Real World

Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Ironoak & Colton is a new construction set based on the World of Warcraft. The sets include anywhere of 18 – 30 pieces. These sets are more of a collector’s item than a construction set since they can be built within a few minutes. However, it should be noted that there are sets which include much more pieces that these smaller sets. The Mega Bloks World of Warcraft sets are recommended for ages 8 and up. They are perfect for fans of the World of Warcraft videogames. Collect all of your favorite sets and showcase them to your friends and family.

Build Your Own Hero

Lego has a brand new addition to the Lego Hero Factory line called Lego Hero Factory Breez. This is a great looking Lego figure that features plenty of articulation. The arms, legs, and others parts can move and be repositioned to strike different poses. It has a yellowish green look to it. There is even a mechanism for firing a ball from the Lego Hero’s arm. The Lego Hero Factory Breez is designed for collectors and enthusiasts ages 7 and up.  When you buy this figure you get 300 free points.

Put On Your Spy Gear, Young 007

Jakks Pacific has a new toy for spy aficionados called Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles. Every year Jakks Pacific updates its gear with enhanced performance and better features. The goggles feature both a night mode and a day mode. With each of these modes there are three modes – thermal, ghost recon and tech modes. The thermal mode features cool colors and it really enhances the play experience. There is also a great stealth mode that fans will enjoy. There are a lot of adjustments that allow users to customize their experience. By inserting a micro SD card (sold separately) you can record both video and still shot images. The Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles are lightweight and easy to carry around. You’ll need four AA batteries to power the vision goggles.

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