Finding the Perfect Gifts for the Men in Your Life

The holiday season is approaching rapidly. With this is mind, it is time to start the battle of trying to find everyone a gift. Sometimes the hardest person to purchase said gift for is the man in your life. After all, how many tool sets can you purchase him? One great gift for any man in your life is a compilation of shaving products.

Most likely the ones that they are using are of the generic run of the mill variety, holidays (or birthdays for that matter) allow you the opportunity to invest in better quality products for them.

Shaving Tools

While there are a myriad of shaving products out there, they can be broken down into two larger categories: Tools vs Skin Care. The major tool that every man will have is a razor. Most men will be using either what is called a safety razor or an electric one. Safety razors are typically multi-bladed and require the user to use some sort of shaving cream or gel before use to avoid irritation.

An electric razor spins or vibrates the blade to achieve a close cut. Regardless of what he is using now, an additional alternative would be to purchase him a straight razor. Straight razors are the razors that barbers would use if you were to go have the service there. It is made up of a single very sharp blade that swivels on a handle.

Most men would agree that this type of tool has a very cool vibe. Not only is it seen as “cool” it also produces a very close shave that no other razor can compete with. While the razor is the most notable tool, another one that goes right along side it is a shaving brush.

Shaving brushes were used to not only lather the shaving gel or cream product but they also exfoliated the skin, lifted the hair on the face, and brushed away any unwanted materials. These two products not only have a nostalgic edge to them, they serve a myriad of purposes.

Shaving Products

Skin Care

The other category of shaving products can be categorized under the skin care umbrella. This would include shaving gel, cream, after shave etc. Again most men use at least one of these types of products, and they likely use whatever was easiest to get aka usually what was purchased for them or what was the first on the isle at the store.

This is a good opportunity to help him change up his routine so that he can produce better results. Most men who shave what to achieve the closest shave possible. Not only does this mean that their skin is more touchable, it also means that they can go longer in the day without having a 5 o’clock shadow (a think most men would love to achieve).

A good product will help the razor come closer to the skin without causing cuts or major irritations. Not only that, many products have some sort of scent or cologne in them. When you are the purchaser of this product you can help choose what he will smell like, a gift for both of you.

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