Top 10 Hair Removal Mistakes

From ingrown hair to removing excess hair to burnt skin, all of us might be having our own share of horror stories to tell. But in spite of experiencing such things we fail to anticipate the true causes of these painful outcomes. We still tend to commit the same mistakes over and over without even realizing them.

We strive for silky soft skin but instead of improving our methods of hair removal we fall prey to a few removal errors. Let’s go through a few silly hair removal mistakes that you make even after experience:

1. Skip exfoliation

If you are suffering from the problem of ingrown hair then you must scrub the body before making an appointment for hair removal. Regardless the type of hair removal technique you use it is advised to exfoliate before removing hair. If the problem of ingrown hair still persists then you must apply a body lotion containing alpha hydroxyl acids. Exfoliating skin before waxing allows dead skin cells to get loosened.

2. Hair removal in the morning

Most of you prefer removing hair in the morning because it is time saving. You remove hair while before taking a shower but it is said that our body swells up slightly at night which conceal some of the hair. This leads to improper hair removal.

Hair Removal Mistakes

3. Removing hair frequently

Those few hair threads over smooth silky skin might appear unwelcoming to you but removing them too frequently could make your skin dry and aged. This is because if we wax twice in a month there are chances that our skin loses its elasticity. This mainly happens when we use the technique of waxing. Skin experts say that there should be a difference of at least one month between two waxing sessions.

4. Using bad quality hair removal cream

It is not necessary that expensive creams are always safe for skin. Before buying a hair removal cream always check its label for some important ingredients like potassium thioglycolate. One such cream containing harmless ingredients is Revitol hair removal cream.

5. Improper waxing techniques

To save some dollars people avoid going to the professionals and follow improper techniques of waxing. You might end up touting in the wrong directions which leaves skin with deep bruises.

6. Avoid hair removal during the period cycles

It is a very obvious fact but women still don’t understand that is can be hell lot of painful right before, during and after your periods. Excessive blood flow and pain can result due to hormonal imbalances. So its natural to feel uncomfortable to get your skin waxed during the periods-especially bikini wax.

7. Using a blunt shaving blade

Using an old and blunt shaving blade will cause you red bumps all over the body. You often use razor three or four months old which along with being unhygienic also makes the skin and hair hard.

8. Be careful while tweezing your brows

This is because whenever you pluck hair from under brow part you tend to raise the eye brows. This might distort the natural shape of your eye brows.

9. Using worn out removal products

Don’t keep on using the products even after they get expired because like every other product even they can cause reactions. And skin being the most sensitive part reflects immediately.

10. Use of retinols before removal

People using anti aging creams should be careful with the use of retinol based creams because they leave your skin dry and fragile. It is recommended to stop using such creams a few days before the appointment.

Aydan Stacey is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. She mainly covers topics related to health, fitness, Business and skincare. She prefers natural remedies over quick fixes and has a list ready with most practical methods.

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