Ken Kindt Signworld – A Perfect Business Opportunity

Signworld, created and owned by Ken Kindt, is a business opportunity that helps entrepreneurs in starting and running customized sign businesses. Signworld sells business plans that include supplies, equipment, training and some marketing tools for those new business holders.

There are over 250 Signworld business owners that are currently located in North America. The company believes that the sign business is definitely a opportunity to earn.

Reasons Why People Prefer to Work in the Sign Industry

  • The custom sign industry is creating different types of styles and signs. One day you’ll be creating car wrap and the next day you will be making neon signs. This will remove the repetitiveness that is seen on other jobs today.
  • There are no dangerous chemicals used as well as no loud noises produced.
  • The operation hours is from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm.
  • It’s a professional industry to the business operation that results to repetitive customers as well as large projects.

Benefits of Signworld Business

The Signworld’s industry or business model is for business owners in order for them to get repetitive customers. The top 25 clients will definitely bring in 80% of the annual gross sales. In order to compete in the sign industry, you do not need any kind of art education or prior experience on sign making. Success owners come in different fields of work like truck drivers, nurses, college students, and even teachers. Here are the points that separate this company to other similar organizations:

  • There are definitely no rules to follow.
  • There are also no royalties.
  • It’s not a kind of franchise business but a business opportunity.
  • There is a marketing training in order to bring most of the sales through your site.
  • Company owners are also offering webinar coaching.
  • If you are in the business, there will be a lifetime support from the company’s team as well as owners.

The Success of Ken Kindt

Ken Kindt of Signworld

Ken Kindt is a well-known and very popular individual for his achievement and success in the sign business. He perceives that signs portray a very important role when it comes to developing a certain organization and business. This is the reason why there are a lot of business owners who are seeking some assistance to experts or professionals in creating a very unique as well as striking signs for businesses. It will definitely assist them in getting the visibility among the crowd and draw potential clients in the business. It is an excellent business opening that helps in starting an industry.

Kindt was raised and born on Detroit, Michigan. Ken was also awarded having a BS degree in the University of Detroit as well as his degree in MBA in University of Hawaii.  After Ken finished his studies, Ken has worked in managerial positions in many companies like in Michigan’s Ford Motor Company. After seven years in Ford Motor, he became a financial planner at 32 years old. As a well-known and certified planner, he also did counseling assemblies to over 240 clients with regard to income taxes and investments.

In 1988, Ken founded the Signworld and up to now, he is president of the company. Ken’s main vision is to help business owners establish their company without having rules or royalties. This actually means that it’s not a kind of franchise rather it is a kind of business opportunity for people to make more money on creating signs. Ken has committed his time as well as work in the company and he is very motivated in expanding the company in the national market.

Things to Know about Signworld

The sign company is charging initial investment similar to any kinds of franchise opening. It also provides an extensive support to their customers in order to engage on the signage procedures in a very efficient means. All the machinery, techniques, resources as well as supplies are always current in the market. The investors can easily learn about the pricing, human resources and marketing techniques through the help of the company. The company’s investors also receive assistance in terms of the decoration, layout as well as design for the creation of the sign. Ken is combining his experience and knowledge in order to provide every service to impress their clients.

The company is now a kind of national institute and it has 240 sign corporations all over the United States of America. These companies are specialized on customized commercial sign for any business. Due to the dedication, perseverance and hard work of Ken, it expanded radically in just a short period of time. They are continuously involved in increasing their services in the entire Canada to obtain more clients. The main objective of Ken is to transform and help people to achieve their goals.

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