5 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Facial Hair

A beautiful face not only attracts a lot of eyes upon it but also goes through a lot of scrutinizing and criticizing eyes that are always on a lookout to find one unnecessary thing in the beauty of an individual and make the rest of their life and its experiences completely miserable for them. This is how mostly things work in and around women who really try hard to make things best for themselves and for that reason they try out every possible product for achieving fair and clear skin, silky long hair and the list simply goes on and on.

There is no stop to when it comes to defining beauty for women and at times each one of us have to work a little more harder because our DNA or the hormones have been programmed in a way that makes us extra special in terms of facial hair or body hair. This is one annoying ritual to practice every 2 weeks to a month when you have to stand in front of the mirror or go the salon to rid yourself off of the burden of the hair. Plus, not only are these procedures expensive but are immensely painful. But there are many home ingredients, which when mixed together provide a fool proof way of getting rid of the hair, especially facial hair.

Facial hair is mostly thin in its composition at most parts of the face and usually gets tougher around the chin and by the jaw line. Here is a list of 5 home remedies that can help you save up on some money as well as get rid of all those unwanted facial hair.

1. Have a Look at Your Diet

Whenever you seem to experience something happening within your body (emotionally or mentally) or outside the body the first tip that every other doctor might suggest you is to go through the diet you have been consuming for the past 2 weeks. Anything that you have particularly picked up as a habit of eating and don’t know what the outcome of it is,can have effect on your body in terms of hormonal imbalances or maybe some kind of effect on your blood as well. All doctors and dermatologists, suggest you to improve your diet whenever you drop by the clinic for an appointment. Because, diet plays a major role on what happens within your blood and how cells react to the level of toxins or free radicals roaming around.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Facial Hair
Home Remedies To Get Rid of Facial Hair
  • For women reaching maturity and for those who are in their phase of menopause they have more likely the chances to develop a new array of facial hair growth that they might not have noticed before.
  • This occurs due to the imbalancement of the hormone, estrogen. This hormone is the only primary cause of unnecessary and unwanted facial hair growth. Most of the time women go to salons to get rid of the hair through chemical based wax or threading and do not emphasis on looking up at their diet.
  • Seeds such as, fennel, sunflower, soybeans and nuts like almonds are known to reverse the effect of estrogen due to the presence of an anti-estrogen compound ‘phyloestrogen’. This actually reverses and balances out the effect of estrogen.

Thus, if you see an array of facial hair suddenly appearing on your face,then look out after your diet.

2. Go For a Gelatin Mask

Gelatin has a lot of properties that make it a really good ingredient to be used for facial hair removal. It forms a sticky substance as it proceeds to cool down and can easily be peeled off from the skin after a given time. Thus, it can be used as a peel off mask that also removes black and white heads along the way.

Gelatin Mask
Gelatin Mask
  • This mask requires three very basic and easily available ingredients; gelatin, milk and lemon juice.
  • Now add these three ingredients in a microwave safe bowl, mix them well together to form a paste and then microwave this thick mixture for not more than 15 seconds.
  • Since heat transforms gelatin, the paste will now be a little runny in its consistency and you can thus easily apply it on your face.
  • Completely cover every corner of your hair that has hair popping out from. Also cover up your nose for black head removal.
  • Leave the mask on till you can feel it completely dried from all parts and can now be peeled off easily.
  • The key is to evenly apply the mask so that it can be peeled off easily when it dries.

Note: Be ready to bear some pain when the mask is peeled off as it would take away unwanted hair as well blackheads off of your face.

3. Using an Egg Mask

Eggs are the most common ingredient to find in the kitchen and they make for an amazing facial hair removal mask. Since they too work as peel off masks as they dry and take along all the unwanted hair.

Egg Mask
Egg Mask
  • The recipe to make an egg mask is really simple. What you have to remember is that you will need the egg whites for this mask and not the yolks.
  • Now in a bowl mix some corn flour and sugar (a tablespoon each) and then add in the egg white (1 egg). Whisk the mixture well so that everything is mixed well.
  • Now relax yourself on a flat place and ask someone to apply this mask on your face using a brush or you can also do that yourself and then relax later on.
  • Let the mask to completely dry from all places before you start peeling it.
  • After you have completely removed the mask, gently rinse your face with water and sprinkle some rosewater on top.

4. Exfoliation with Oatmeal

To get rid of facial hair is one hard task and on the other hand to get rid of dead and dull skin is another huge task. What if we told you that oatmeal is one substance that can help you get rid of both of these efficiently and effectively? Exfoliation done with the help of oatmeal helps get rid of any microbial infections happening on the skin and also has a positive impact on the removal of acne scars from the skin.

  • The procedure to create an oatmeal based exfoliator is pretty simple. You just have to create a thick paste out of a tablespoon of oatmeal and honey, each.
  • Then to slightly change the consistency of the paste and to add a skin whitening agent, add in a very small amount of lemon juice to the paste.
  • With the help of clean hands, pick up small amount of this thick paste and start rubbing it against the growth of hair on the skin. You are advised to not to go too hard on the rubbing and keep it gentle and circular in motion.
  • You will be able to see visibly positive results after regular/consecutive exfoliation using this oatmeal paste.

5. Simple Sugaring

Sugaring has become a growing trend in oppose to the old methods of waxing. Though most women consider waxing and sugaring to be the same thing, there is a very slight difference between the two. In the process of sugaring, the wax mixture is applied opposite to the direction of the hair growth and then is pulled the other way. It has been reviewed that the method of sugaring causes less pain and dullness after the procedure.

  • Though the method to create a perfect sugaring paste is difficult, but practice shall make yoi perfect.
  • Use a cup full of water and add it to the saucepan. To it, add two cups of sugar and later on a cup of lemon juice.
  • You are to heat and continuously mix this mixture along so that sugar melts well inside with lemon and water. Look out when the mixture starts making bubbles (means it comes to its boiling point).
  • After you reach this stage, lower down the heat and let it cook for 15-20 minutes more. After that allow the sugaring mixture to cool down well enough because any heated application can cause immediate skin burn.
  • Now pick up a small amount of the mixture using two fingers and apply this on to the hair but make sure it is in the opposite direction to the hair growth.
  • Experts usually start peeling off the sugaring mixture right away using their fingers but the majority takes the help of cotton strips that are applied on wet mixture and then pressed a little before stripping it off in the opposite direction.

You do have to keep in mind that all these remedies are not pain free and you will still feel some level of pain when the masks or the pastes will be peeled off. This is a logical explanation as the hair is removed right from the root that causes the pain and to get rid of this pain is nearly impossible. Also these remedies will effectively start showing positive effect after month long efforts.

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