Cosmetic surgery is always a searing subject. People may joke about those who have upgraded their pair of eyes or breasts, but who wouldn’t want to be beautiful? Everybody wants to be confident and comfortable with their looks.

Imagine meeting a genie or fairy who could grant wishes, wouldn’t you ask for Zac Efron’s nose, Angelina Jolie’s pout, or Thalia’s waist? Maybe you would not. But you would probably use the wish to make you look prettier or more handsome.

People who earn more than they can spend can now opt to go under the knife to fight aging. By selecting a qualified and well-experienced plastic surgeon and employing advanced technologies in cosmetic surgery, anything is possible.

Since cosmetic procedures have become more affordable and relatively safe recently, even common people can now try them – unlike a decade ago when only the rich and famous can afford its hefty price tag.

Cosmetic surgery

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Below are five interesting facts and stories circulating around the internet about fabulous cosmetic operations:

  1. Most women still desire a fuller bust while men yearn for a perfect nose

Breast augmentation (boob job) remains the number one cosmetic procedure among women both in the US and UK. It’s worth noting that some female patients had breast cosmetic surgery after mastectomy – for reconstructive purposes. Meantime, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) stays as the top cosmetic procedure among the male population. Most male patients believe that an aesthetically pleasing nose would increase their chances of securing a high-paying job or a big promotion.

  1. Botox – no longer a radical beauty treatment

Botox Treatment stays as the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure among male and female patients from the US and UK. It’s the quick fix for those who are extremely worried about their wrinkles. Patients who have tried the treatment are satisfied because the botox’s effect was not obvious at first glance. Plus they have noticed how crow feet and frown lines easily disappear fast.

  1. Fat reduction procedure remains the world’s top cosmetic surgical operation

Even in a developing country such as Brazil, fat reduction surgeries such as liposuction and lipoplasty are common. Most Brazilian women often set aside a significant portion of their meager income for plastic surgery fund. Even poor people have the desire to look sexy and beautiful and the right to make this dream come true, according to a famous Brazilian cosmetic surgeon. Nothing is wrong with this as long as you know how to choose the right surgeon to do the job.

  1. Face Off – a new face is possible through plastic surgery

Richard Lee Norris had disfigured jaws, lips, and nose from a gun accident back in 1997. Thanks to the extensive full face transplant done by plastic surgeons from the University of Maryland Medical, he now can walk on the street in broad daylight after 15 years of leading a reclusive lifestyle. His teeth, tongue, cheeks, jaws, skin, and underlying nerves were replaced, giving him his normal life back.

  1. Human dolls are now a reality through plastic surgery

Most kids grew up playing with western dolls, Barbie and Ken. These children are now grown-ups who based their standard of beauty on these seemingly innocent toys. For some people, the desire to imitate these dolls has become a fixation and obsession. Odd as you might think, multiple cosmetic surgeries were sought by two real people to obtain doll-like features. Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova have become moving and breathing dolls through plastic surgery.

People getting aesthetic plastic surgery have been criticized as shallow for investing too much on physical beauty. Some go as far as accusing them of body dysmorphic disorder. While it is a possibility, BDD is a rare disorder and it is treatable (you can read more about it here).

But anyone who has free will can opt for cosmetic procedures to change their looks to boost their self-esteem. Nothing is bad with improving your own appearance through cosmetic surgery as long as it is not excessive or obsessive (e.g. trying to look like a doll) and you are well aware of potential complications and risks involved.

If you think a simple cosmetic treatment can increase your happiness, there is no reason why you should not go for it. We only live once after all, so we might as well look our best – Concept Cosmetic Medicine.

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