The world of high technology is just getting started. The are of technology and innovation is an industry that will never fade away. It is the one thing that will continue to drive the US economy and the economies of the world. Here are some of the coolest new technology companies that are up and coming.

If you are unemployed and looking for a new job, tech startups are always great. They are usually hiring because they are in growth mode by default. If they are not growing, it’s probably not a good tech company to work for.

Also, if you are in sales or business development, these are companies you want to get accounts with. That is because they most likely don’t have established vendors for all of their usual business needs.

In addition, if they grow, you grow with them. If you sell them computers, for example, you may start with an order of 5 PC’s. Overtime, if they grow to 100 employees, that means more PC’s, possibly servers and other software solutions to help with their IT.

There are lots of ways to profit from these hot tech startups. Without further adieu, here they are!

Toutapp – Email Tracking System

Toutapp is a new start-up that allows you to track your emails. This is not an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, which send and tracks mass emails. Toutapp lets you track the individual emails that you send.

This software is especially useful for sales and marketing professionals. It allows a sales rep to track emails they send to their prospective customers.

It will show who opened the email, how many times they opened it, if they clicked through to any links, etc. It’s a powerful platform that allows you to peer into customer engagement.

For a sales professional, this is a critical function because you want to spend most of your time on the highest potential customers. If a prospect is continually ignoring your emails, then they might not be hot. But if there is a prospect that is opening, repeatedly opening the same email or clicking through, you know their hot without them having to show it through their responses.

It also allows you to integrate and use it in most of the popular email platforms like Gmail and Outlook. They will probably integrate with other popular platforms as they grow.

Kalloop – Restaurant Scheduling Software

Kalloop caters to small businesses that require an employee scheduling system. They are primarily built as a catering and restaurant scheduling software, but can be adapted to other industries like non-profits and other shift oriented operations.

There are other companies like Schedulefly and Hot Schedules that do similar things. Kalloop basically mimics most of the common features. One big differentiation they have is that they can do polling, which is especially important for catering businesses.

The polling feature can ask the staff their availability and populate a list of available employees for a given shift. This is important for companies that don’t have regular schedules for their employees.

This start-up has only a handful of competitors. Small businesses, especially restaurants, are increasingly leveraging technology to become more productive. Also, new restaurants are popping up every day. I say all that to say this is a big and growing market that has yet to get saturated.

Instawallet – Bitcoin Wallet Service

This is a hot consumer technology companies that holds your bitcoins. Bitcoin is the new cyber-currency. It is currently valued at around $130 per bitcoin. The valuation has risen due to financial regulations in the US and the banking crisis in Europe.

No one really knows where this bitcoin thing is going, but it is currently a force to bereckonedwith. It is most likely that there will be an international agreement in place to regulate it. But for now, it is largely unregulated and could become a huge competitor to the traditional state-based currencies we currently work under.

It is not unlikely that bitcoin could become the international currency. It used to be the British sterling, then the US dollar and now the USD is losing that status. Could bitcoin take it’s place? Possibly. If it does, service providers like Instawallet should see significant growth. You might also see banks either buy companies like Instawallet or start their own bitcoin services.

Altometrics – Big Data Analytics

Big data is quickly becoming big business. Currently, only the big enterprise companies are dealing with the big data challenge and opportunity. In 3-5 years, everyone from small business to individuals will start to get value out of big data.

Altometrics is on the leading edge with their powerful analytics platform. Currently, they are installing as an OEM to enhance the capabilities of existing enterprise platforms. They started out in the APM space providing advanced analytics for application performance management systems.

Their big data analytics platform is flexible and versatile enough to work in virtually any data set. Unlike other big data analytics platforms, which is built custom for each use case, Altometrics’ platform can easily adapt to most data warehousing situations.

Sosh – Concierge App

Sosh, which has a dash above the ‘o’, is a concierge app that has taken San Francisco by storm. It’s a very useful app that tells you all the cool and interesting things to do in a given area. For example, if you want to check out the cool restaurants, they will instantly give you a list.

So how is that different than say an Urbanspoon? Well, they scrape the ratings and reviews from the most popular sources. Then their powerful algorithm will not index the lower rating restaurants in the app. That way, you don’t have to sort through a bunch of crappy restaurants. Also, you reduce the risk of going somewhere where you will have a bad experience.

They are now launching in New York City. Not only is this app great for locals, but when I visit NYC as a tourist, I will definitely be downloading this app. Hopefully, they will expand out to smaller cities soon.

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