Home is where heart is but heart is only where there is comfort and a feeling of well being. A homemaker constantly strives to make their home a lovable place. Many of the home improvement tips have come down from grannies and moms and still hold true.

However with the massive developments in technology and globalization, these tips and tricks have traveled far and wide and now we have a lot more options to make our home more organized than we had before. You would be surprised to know that how simple some of these tricks are yet how effectively they can solve some persistent problems.

Be it the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage or living room, these life hacks will save you space, time and money while making your daily chores much organized and quick.

Some of the Amazing Home Improvement Tips and Tricks:

Maintaining Room

  • Use your normal pants hanger as a cookbook holder. It makes for an easy, efficient and inexpensive way to hold that cookbook while you are busy with the recipe.
  • Arrange your clothes in hanging shelves and drop them in your suitcase. Just hang the hanger in the hotel.
  • Use an empty Tic-tac box to store bobby pins or safety pins. Throw it in your handbag and you would never have to dig for them when needed.
  • Need something light and non-messy to carry or store a bagel? Use an old CD spindle.
  • Turn your old wooden fence into a work of art. Drill holes and place colorful marbles.
  • Tired of losing the knives while working in the kitchen? Use a magnetic rack to store knives. You won’t have to look for them everywhere now.
  • Use an old magazine rack to store horizontal kitchen items like foil wrap, plastic wraps, wax paper rolls, and saran wraps etc. You can also use a magazine rack to store lids of pots and pans in a hassle-free manner.
  • To make the spices and herbs easier to access, use small magnetic boxes for the spices and herbs. Label them if necessary and make them stick to the side of the fridge.
  • Use the deep kitchen drawers to store utensils like big spoons vertically.
  • Increase the storage space in the fridge. An organized fridge would always be more spacious. Use simple pull out baskets to group things like fruits, vegetables, small jars etc.
  • Use bins and drawers to store bulk items like sugar, flour, rice etc.
  • Label your hangers especially if you have many similar colored clothing items.
  • De-clutter your closet. It is no secret that deciding what to throw away from the closet can be quite a challenge. Here is a simple way to know what should take up space in your closet and what not- Turn all the hangers in your closet backwards. Whenever you wear something, replace the hanger right way. In six months, give away every piece of clothing still hanging on a backwards hanger.
  • Use shower curtain hooks to hang handbags.

An organized and a de-cluttered house is a sign of an efficient home-maker. While there are of course certain things that you can’t avoid from being messy, following these handy tips can at least help you keep your everyday stuff and most importantly, most of the kitchen stuff in order.

When you make being organized a rule in the home, the kids follow the lead and try to keep their room as less messy as possible. This will certainly help you to cut down on extra chores or organizing your kids’ room and closet. Make the things that you use the most, most easily accessible. Take special care of clutter magnets like flat surfaces like the dining table, cabinet near the entrance etc. Another thing that needs special attention is the drawers.

It is very easy to get the drawers cluttered within days. Keep your drawers sorted with the help of partitions or small boxes. Buy storage containers only once you are done with purging. De-clutter and do away with stuff you don’t use anymore. Sort out pins, nails, screw in different colored small mason jars.

These tips will help you make maximum use of space and utilities at home. Mark and label almost everything to have easy access. Having your kitchen, garage, laundry area, and bathroom organized helps you keep the house cleaner and increases the overall feeling of well being.

If in future, there is a need for you to shift your home, all you have to do is to look for removal firms in London and they will take care of the rest. Moving out would be a cakewalk for you if you already have an organized and well kept home.

Suzan Hall is lives in London and loves the busy work-culture in her city. As writer, Suzan focuses on writing the best possible way. Here creativity is not limited to just writing. In her leisure time she works on landscaping projects as well. Her present article is focused around Home office and services extended by removal companies in London.

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