The cubelike Scion xB is one of the most unique cars on the road and has come to represent the unique style and feel presented by the automaker. The xB has inspired no shortage of imitators since hitting the American roadways in 2004. The xB’s truly original style rapidly rose in popularity with younger drivers looking for an alternative to the often dull designs of other cars on the road.

Packing an affordable price, dependable performance, and all the flair one could ask for, the xB is truly a one of a kind creation.

The Scion xB

Scion xB

A Brief History of Scion

Parent company Toyota created the Scion brand in an effort to both attract new drivers and explore innovative car designs and marketing techniques. The 2002 launch of the brand came after several years of experiments with similar models under different names, mostly in the Japanese market. Toyota’s relatively high median age of buyers prompted the company to create a brand that could attract a younger consumer.

Toyota’s efforts proved fruitful; the Scion brand now has the lowest median age of consumer in the industry. The Toyota offshoot proudly proclaims it’s relatively small size, espousing the individuality and expression its fleet offers younger and first time car buyers. The brand’s marketing and advertising campaign has largely involved innovative television and online viral campaigns meant to express the creativity behind the brand.

The History of the xB

The xB was one of the two models first rolled out to American consumers in 2004. The first xB wowed consumers with its Hot Lava Orange color and boxy mini-truck design. Critics lauded the xB’s originality, as well as its significant interior size, low price, and the extensive amount of accessories.. The second generation Scion xB hit dealer floors in 2007.

While similar to the best selling first generation xB, the second generation model was larger and packed a little more power under the hood. The new design featured toned down the boxy edges of the first generation xB, while still maintaining the distinct cubelike look. The second generation also expanded on the already considerable amount of aftermarket dealer accessories available for the xB.

The xB of Today

Packing an impressive 69.9 CU. FT of cargo space, the 2013 xB comes with 45 standard features that make the vehicle a particularly attractive option for young drivers. The 2013 xB model has the smoothed over, aerodynamic lines common to the 2nd generation, while still paying homage to the innovative original design. Reviewers praise the xB’s responsive driving capabilities, large interior with extended rear legroom, and the usual wealth of add-on options. One of the more popular stock features with consumers is the considerable audio system that comes with the car.

The xB audio system features a six speaker, Pioneer ® audio system with an iPod® capable USB port. Other impressive standard features include a multi-information display, sport front bucket seats, keyless entry, privacy glass on rear window, LED accented front bumper lighting, and much more. Owners love customizing their cars; the automaker continues to meet his demand with its extensive aftermarket add-on offerings. Aftermarket accessories range from shark fin style antennas to rear-view cameras to Aero Kit exterior replacement parts.

Celebrating the Automaker’s Ten Year Anniversary with the Scion 10 Series xB

The five vehicles featured in this limited edition series are packed with exclusive features tailored to fit each model. Numbered between 1 and 2100, the limited edition 10 Series xB comes with a Silver Ignition exterior color, graphite finish 16” alloy wheels, illuminated exterior Scion Badge, a jack knife key, a Pioneer® touch screen sound system, solar powered illuminating shift knob, and more. The 10 Series xB offers a futuristic take on the Scion mainstay, perhaps offering a glimpse of what consumers can expect from the xB in the future.

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