Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, 47 km north of Miami, the city of Fort Lauderdale stretches along the coast for approximately 11 km. But what makes this city so charming is its hundreds of kilometers of canals. It’s famous for its beach and beauty. People want to stay here. Due to canals, its nickname is “Venice of America”. Except that instead of gondolas, you will see luxury yachts driving around! Obviously, it’s not just that, and you will see that Fort Lauderdale is a Florida destination to remember! With its calm and sunny climate, it continues to attract New Yorkers.

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6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Relocating To Fort Lauderdale:

Although this city is smaller than others, with a population of approximately 180,000, people want to move towards here. Few specialties of Fort Lauderdale that attracts New Yorkers:

See the Canals of FortLauderdale

FortLauderdale is a city crossed by more than 400 km of waterways, including 250 km of navigable canals. For the most part, they were dug at the beginning of the20th century to drain the original swamps and thus allow urban development.Therefore, you will observe huge villas and boats along the canals, much like in Miami Bay.

Stroll Along the River Walk

Theriver walk is found along the north and south banks of the New River. It is a paved pedestrian path allowing you to explore the area in a leisurely way. TheRiverwalk is rather original because it crosses the whole city! In fact, rather varied and very well appointed, you will meet both parks, shops,and many luxury yachts and historic buildings. Also, on the way, it is possible to observe many historical sites such as:

  • The King Cromartie House, dating from 1907 which is the oldest hotel in BrowardCounty.
  • The Stranahan House Museum was built in 1901 by the city’s founder, FrankStranahan. It is located in a building that used to be the town hall and post-office.

Visit the BonnetHouse Museum and Gardens

It is the historic Fort Lauderdale home to visit.It takes its name from a plant, the “Bonnet Lily”, better known as the water lily. It was designed in the 1920s by Frederic Clay Bartlett, an American artist from Chicago, Illinois.

TheBonnet House is an outstanding example of Spanish architecture, with its bright yellow and blue colors. We could even imagine ourselves in the Major Elle Gardens in Marrakech! Moreover, among the works that can be admired there are paintings by Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, just that yes!

Spend an Evening on JungleQueen Riverboat

TheJungle Queen is a boat that will take you along the New River in FortLauderdale. You will wander at night between millionaire’s houses and spectacular yachts.

The boat will drop you off on Tropical Island. On this occasion, an “All-You-Can-Eat” dinner based on ribs, chicken, and shrimps will be served to you to music. American atmosphere guaranteed!

Then,A show will take place with jugglers, comedians, and singers! On the other hand, be aware that it is sometimes complicated to understand everything and a good level of English is required to appreciate it at its actual value!

Artists Gather In FortLauderdale

Many cities and artistic appeal, lost commercialized bars and restaurants Zutendaal value “football” shopping Beach Village fertile field to television and mass. Innovative artists live in these countries and eager to see where we are now walking in the area.

There is no shortage of impressive restaurants, Or Las want to or dine, Olas Hail,the living place of a restaurant or a Florida old-style fish restaurant, and you’ll find what you want. Fort Lauderdale is a big step forward in the sophistication of the scene, and in the beginning, the food was taken outrun in New York had for money.

Fort Lauderdale Estate Prices

Like most blossoming networks, Fort Lauderdale isn’t cheap, but it is less expensive than the Miami-West-Palm-Beach metro region. When we compared it with the national average and state, it’s far costlier. Fort Lauderdale’s most rich waterfront sells between $3,000 – $4,000 per Sq. Ft, these sums are as yet nothing contrasted with New York Real Estate. This city has no estate taxes by itself; assets are only essential subject of federal tax.

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