The power black-out is something you don’t want to experience. In the long run, having your very own generator installation will definitely be a lifesaver. If you haven’t considered getting home generators installation in Brooklyn, NY, now is the time. While many people believe that a generator is only necessary during an emergency, there are many other benefits to having one installed in your home. Keep reading for 10 reasons you need a generator for your home.

1. Power restoration during a power outage:

An electrical generator will supply electricity to the house during a power outage, allowing you and your family to continue running appliances that require AC currents such as refrigerators, stoves, televisions, air compressors for powering a good pump, lights, and more.

2. Power restoration during a natural disaster:

In case of a natural disaster such as hurricanes, flooding, or earthquakes that cause power outages for days or even weeks, having your own generator will help you with electricity to provide basic needs in your home. You can enjoy some light after the sun goes down and even run some appliances essential for cooking and boiling water.

3. Additional energy security:

Having a generator is like having energy security; you can even use it as a backup power source just in case the main grid fails to provide electricity for any reason. For example, during the rolling blackouts that happened in mid-summer 2006, everyone used their generators to provide electricity, yet the majority of them paid less than before.

4. A generator can also be a source of income:

On the other hand, if you have an electrical generator installation in your home, you can use it as a business opportunity. Many people are charging neighbors high fees to supply electricity to their homes during power outages, especially in cases where there are no other options to get electricity.

5. A generator is also insurance for if the main grid fails:

A portable power generator works as insurance for you to have something that can provide you with electric current even when the national power grid fails. It can keep your food cold and give you light during a power outage.

6. Return of investments (ROI):

Having a generator is like having an investment for future use; it will work as a source of electricity if needed. Generators are very good sources of backup alarms, security lighting, and emergency assistance, especially when power outages happen frequently. You can use it as a source of earning income from selling extra current to neighbors whenever the national power grid fails, or you can also charge a fee for people who own generators to be able to connect their house to your generator power supply during a power outage.

7. Saves money:

Having a generator will actually save you more money. In case of a power outage, you can use your generator to supply electricity to your home and run vital appliances that you need during power outages such as lights, water pumps, and others.

8. It might increase the value of your home:

When it comes to real estate, a generator might increase the value of your house by providing additional features that other houses don’t have. Having a generator will definitely allow you to use your appliances and necessary tools even during power outages.

9. Will save time:

Having a standby or portable power generator can save you from spending much time looking for an open gas station to get gasoline. A power generator can supply you with electric current for about 30-36 hours on average.

10. Peace of mind:

Having a generator can bring peace of mind, especially when you are in an area that has frequent power outages or natural disasters. With the right amount of money spent on generator installation, you don’t have to worry about losing power ever again!


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