Are you currently considering buying or selling a property? If so, you’ll already know that finding the right real estate agent is crucial to the buying or selling process. Your real estate agent is someone that you should trust.

Asking them the right questions is essential to completing a successful and informed transaction and to developing a reciprocal and meaningful relationship.

Read on to discover a comprehensive checklist of six essential questions to ask your real estate before embarking on the buying or selling journey.

1. How long have you been working in the real estate industry?

While years of experience is not always mandatory when it comes to being a real estate, it does help. Asking your agent how long they’ve been in the business is important because it will help you understand their knowledge of the local market and expertise.

2. Can you provide references from past clients?

Understand your agent’s work experience by asking to see what past clients have said about them. Reading references can provide you with valuable insights into an agent’s professionalism and offer peace of mind.

3. What is your area of specialization?

Sometimes, real estate agents have specific areas they specialize in. Some may focus on commercial or investment properties, while others excel in residential properties, waterfront properties, or specific neighbourhoods. Knowing your agent’s area of expertise will help you determine if they’re the right person for you and if they meet your requirements.

4. How can I prepare my property for sale?

To ensure that your property sells quickly, ask your agents how to prepare it so that it’s appealing and attractive to buyers. It’s crucial to work with top real estate agents who will give you insider tips on how to enhance your property’s curb appeal and interior space. The right agent will make your house stand out by providing recommendations, such as decluttering, renovations, landscaping, and any other necessary repair tips.

5. How will you market my property?

Discuss the marketing strategy with your agent as it’s important to inquire about the marketing plan. A thoughtful marketing plan will help you sell your home faster. Ask them about how they intend to maximize exposure, such as with online listings, social media, conducting open houses, and other promotional activities tailored to your property’s unique features and location.

6. What about communication?

One of the most effective factors in any real estate transaction is transparent and frequent communication among agents and clients. Establishing and clarifying clear communication expectations from the beginning of your buying or selling journey is crucial to a successful experience.

Ask your agent how they prefer to communicate —via email, text, or phone call — and determine what channels work best for both of you.

Consider your working relationship with a real estate agent like a partnership. Exhibiting honesty, transparency, and open communication is critical to finding the best home for you, or for selling your home quickly and seamlessly.

Find a reputable real estate service that has been in the business for a few decades and one that excels in leadership. And by asking the right questions, you’ll develop trust with your agent, leading to an efficient and lucrative real estate journey.


Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

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