There are different types of equipment according to the needs of a person. It varies from the nature and place of work of that person. The same applies to kitchen appliances and kitchenware as the variety of equipment changes according to the type of food prepared. For instance, the equipment used for grilling would be different from those used for frying.

Beginners in the kitchen would not know the various appliances that are available in the market. Majority of them are unaware that the choice of the equipment used is dependent on what is intended to be made. In this article, you will know the various types of kitchen appliances and equipment required for cooking.

1. Tea/ Coffee/ Juices

Making tea or coffee can be the easiest if you have the right vessels and the correct proportion of ingredients. The things necessary for making tea and coffee are stovetop kettles, a coffee maker, tea infusers and mugs or flasks to pour out the preparation.

There are a lot of kitchen appliances used for making juices or smoothies. Portable blenders are an added innovation which doesn’t stay just in the kitchen alone. It can be taken to gyms, workplaces, schools etc. there are also mixers, a citrus press, milk frothers and grinders that help us more in our tasks.

2. Cake Making

The new bakers in town have to have comprehensive knowledge about the kitchenware needed before employing their recipes. Bakewares like cupcake pans, silicone moulds and pie pans play a pivotal role in the process of baking. The importance should also be given to baking accessories and decorations.

Some of the baking appliances include blenders, hand mixers, microwave ovens and electric beaters. It is crucial to get the right instruments and vessels to be excellent at baking. Baking is a continuous learning process that can include a lot of innovations, along the way.

3. Bar Corners

Most houses in Australia have a small corner for stocking liquor and wine. This spot would be the perfect place to relax after a stressful day at work or to enjoy with your friends. The barware must consist of some of the most necessary things like bottle openers, champagne coolers and cups.

Some of the must-have appliances for the ultimate home bar include ice makers, wine and beverage coolers, kegerators and a mini-fridge. Home bars are a trend in the present times. They can bring a lot of variations and adventure in the daily activities of a house.

4. Miscellaneous

There is a lot of other kitchen equipment and appliances that are a must-have. They include containers to store, like bread bins and cleaning products like gloves, aprons, tea towels etc. It is a necessity in every household for a clean and organised kitchen.

The most needed kitchen appliances include a food processor, electric grill, toasters, fryers and slow cookers. They help in easing out all the activities in the kitchen.


The innovations in kitchen accessories have contributed to making cooking a much easier process. From the evolution of people from hunter-gatherers to the sophisticated men, the designs in the kitchen also evolved. Nowadays, people cannot live without a spoon and a fork to consume their meal. It is also proof that there are modern inclusions and discoveries in the kitchen which are irreplaceable in our everyday lives.

Author: Helen Harry