Our houses are mirrors of ourselves and the way we choose to decorate them always contains a part of ourselves. As the place we spend the greatest part of our lives in, we want it to be beautiful, warm, and even special. Nothing can create this atmosphere better and nothing can give our house the uniqueness we desire more than a custom mosaic. So, what are the basic steps you should take when you choose to redecorate your house in this way?

Here are some basic facts that will allow you to begin. Hopefully, the whole process will be as rewarding and enjoyable as the end result!

Be creative!

The good –and fun part- of custom mosaic is that you can choose what it will depict. You can design a picture, play with colors or Photoshop, choose a picture of a work of art you admire, or even a photo of a loved one or of yourself. You can even decide that you want a picture of an inspirational person or event. Really, the options available to you are endless.

This is your time to be creative, to unleash all the creativity you always knew you had inside. Even if you feel intimidated by the process, or never really believed that you were a creative person, this is the time to experiment and enjoy it! Your choice will not only embellish your home, but will also give you a great hobby to indulge to in you free time. Once you start, you’ll probably never stop.

Be inspired!

Even if you don’t have many ideas to begin with, you can search for inspiration. The internet gives endless options to those who search. There are many sites that can offer informed advice about designs and even provide you with photos of how the end result will look like. If you’re more traditional, magazines might also give you the inspiration you need. Then, there is the question of where to place your custom mosaic. Again, these sources will provide you with photos and ideas to help you decide.

Be bold!

Don’t be afraid to think and put your ideas into practice. Even the most extreme designs might look special and unique in your house. You might also feel that the best places for a mosaic are the bathroom and the kitchen and although you would have liked them somewhere else, you’re afraid to dare it. Well, think again! In their century-old history, mosaics have adorned many different places.

They can be placed practically everywhere: from your bathroom and kitchen to a comfortable living room, a bedroom, a balcony and an outdoor garden. So, if the idea crosses your mind that you could adorn your living room in this way, don’t shy away. It will probably look better than you had at first imagined and will definitely impress friends and visitors with its originality. So, just remember: everything is possible. Your imagination is the limit and if you’re lucky even this is limit.

Spend some time planning (and measuring)!

Like any redecoration, this one too needs a lot of planning in advance. You have to decide how many custom mosaics you want to install and where. You actually have to paint the image in your head and be sure of what you want and where you want it. Like this, you will be able to know what to look for and where to look for it. Measuring might also prove important.

How much available space do you have? How much is the height and width of the walls? Are there aspects of your house that you definitely want to keep? Is there any specific style, like country for example, that you want follow? Be sure to know the answers before you start the procedures. You will avoid much unnecessary stress, awkward moments of indecisiveness and will thus enjoy the process much more.

Decide what parts of your house you want to change!

This is of course part of the whole planning process, but it is perhaps the most important choice you will have to make. So, it deserves special mention both in this article and in your to-do list. If you want to redecorate just one room, then you’ll probably get this step out of way rather easily.

If however, you want to redecorate many rooms –especially larger rooms, like the living room- you might want to make special plans as to where your special custom mosaic will be placed. Will it be above the fireplace? Will it be a continuing line embracing all the walls? Will it be on the floor? Or will it be something completely different? The choice is yours!

Talk about it!

You might think that you’re alone in your quest to redecorate your house in this way. Well, maybe a surprise lies ahead! Discuss your ideas with friends and acquaintances. You might find that they too have thought about it, or even went ahead with the project. They may even be able to offer you advice and help you with issues that trouble you. You might even get new ideas that can prove particularly attractive. It’s unbelievable how many things can happen in just one small talk over coffee or dinner!

Start the work!

Once you’ve finished thinking and planning and designing, you can go ahead with your project. Whether you want to make the mosaic yourself (which is of course a very difficult and time consuming process) or assign it to a specialist (which is probably the best way forward, as it will ensure good quality and relatively fast delivery), now it’s the time to go ahead.


Your redecorated house is now ready! And you should be proud of yourself. It’s all your own work (or at least the creative part of it)! Now, you can enjoy it, alone, with your family, friends or with that special someone. In any case, you can now be sure that your house has something of yourself!

Rim Mecherkany is marketing executive and contributor editor at Mozaico.net which is one of the market leaders in designing, crafting and installing mosaics. Feel free to follow Rim on Google +.

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