The definition of a trauma is a serious injury or shock to the body. The word trauma can also be used to define a serious illness. Traumatic injury or illnesses are serious and emotional conditions that often are costly. Traumatic events often include many expenses that are not covered by our health insurance and it is important that we are financially prepared in the event of a traumatic event. With this in mind, are you prepared? Few of us could honestly answer “yes”.

Traumatic events mean time away from work, doctor bills, and often rehabilitation and / or modifications to our homes. Few of us have the savings it would take to supplement our loss income and to supplement the percentage of our medical bills that our medical insurance does not cover. It is a time that can be financially devastating to an individual and their family, and one that each responsible adult should prepare for.

How to Protect Yourself if the Event of a Traumatic Event

  • There is a way to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a traumatic event.
  • Insurance providers offer consumers what is called trauma insurance and it is a policy that is designed to financially protect policy holders in the event they suffer from a specified trauma.
  • These traumas do not have to be terminal, or even, permanent, but, the trauma does have to be covered under the policy.

Traumatic Event

Trauma insurance is designed to pay a lump sum payment in the event that you suffer from a traumatic illness or injury. The benefit has no restrictions and can be spent on everything from paying off doctor bills to rehabilitation costs to modifications to the home to your home mortgage or day to day living expenses. It is an insurance that is paid over and above other insurances you may carry and one that offers added protection. Consider this, in the event of a serious injury or illness, would your health or medical insurance pay for everything you need?

A traumatic injury or illness can leave you with tens of thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. When this happens, it can place a terrible financial burden on you and your family if you are not properly prepared. With trauma cover you have the security of financial protection to ensure that you can spend your time recovering as opposed to creating more havoc on your health due to the financial burden associated with your condition. It is an insurance that many consumers find beneficial and one that can save you from financial hardships.

Traumatic events are not something we foresee; nor, are they something we wish to consider. Statistics show that illness is on the rise, just as, recovery. More and more individuals are surviving what were once terminal illnesses due to advanced technology and medical advancements. With survival come associated costs of the trauma. Trauma cover is designed to pay policy holders a lump sum payment upon diagnosis so that they have the funds they require to properly support their recovery.

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