Decorate your room dividers with wallpaper. A room divider can be an excellent space-saving room partitioning solution to separate rooms, but room dividers don’t always look good. To make room dividers more attractive and functional, you can cover room divider panels with wallpaper both behind and in front of the room divider.

Wallpaper Room Dividers

Room dividers don’t always look good. They are often made of unfinished plywood with unattractive hardware, which takes away from their beauty. So adding wallpaper room dividers is one way to enhance the room divider’s appearance. This tutorial will show you how you can make room dividers more attractive by covering room divider panels in wallpaper both behind and in front of the room divider.

Materials needed:

  1. Plywood for your room divider;
  2. Primer;
  3. Latex paint;
  4. Wallpaper (the thicker it is, the easier it sticks to the wall when applied);
  5. Thumbtacks or pushpins;
  6. Scissors or an Exacto knife;
  7. A room divider panel of the appropriate size.

Room Divider Panels

If you are using wallpaper room dividers, there won’t be any need for ceiling paneling or room divider hardware. How to make room dividers with wallpaper is simple and easy. First, apply primer onto the room divider panels to enhance the adhesion of the wallpaper room dividers. Let it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then paint your room divider panels with latex paint in the color of your choice. After it has dried completely, choose a patterned paper that suits your decoration style and cut it into pieces that are slightly larger than your room divider panels’ dimensions—one piece on top of another on top of another so that no room divider panel can be seen between paper room dividers.

Then apply wallpaper room dividers onto your room divider panels with the slightly larger cutout pieces on top of each other and tack or pin them together as you go along. You can repeat this step as often as you like for an even more decorative look, as long as it doesn’t obscure room divider panels. Don’t forget to trim off excess wallpaper room dividers so they will fit neatly against each other and room divider panels.

You can now hang your room divider panels on a wall or leave them leaning against a wall and use thumbtacks or pushpins to attach the room dividers to the floor for stability. If you want, there’s a room divider design that will allow your room dividers to stand by themselves without using clips.

Your room dividers should look like this when they are ready.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Start the room divider panel on its side and work downward so you can be sure all edges are straight;
  • Use small pieces of wallpaper room dividers so you won’t have to cut too much paper for your room dividers;
  • If you’re painting the room divider panels, use a thick primer to avoid paint seeping through the cracks between wallpaper room dividers;
  • When attaching the wallpaper room dividers, remove each piece of paper one at a time, fold it in half lengthwise, then smooth it out before tacking or pinning it into place. This will ensure room dividers are straight;
  • If room divider panels are thin, attach wallpaper room dividers onto room divider panels’ back to give them stability.

How to make room dividers with wallpaper room dividers looks great and functions well as room partitions without the need for expensive room partitioning hardware. You can find more information about how to paint ceiling boards here. The easiest way is not always the best.


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Adding wallpaper room dividers to room divider panels gives them a decorative appearance. It is easy to do and can be applied on room dividers that have been painted or covered in paper room dividers.

Wallpaper room dividers are room divider ideas that are easy to make for custom room partitions. Making room dividers with wallpaper room dividers is an inexpensive way to turn any room divider panel into a room partition or room divider.

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