If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen then one of the first places to save money is on kitchen cabinets. It’s fair to say that these can take up to 50% of your budget so shopping wisely is of paramount importance if you’re to have anything left over for the rest of your kitchen.

If you’ve fallen in love with a dream kitchen featured in one of the glossy home magazines then you’re probably worried that you won’t be able to find affordable kitchen cabinets that live up to your dreams.

However, you may be pleasantly surprised if you look to buy kitchen cabinets online. More people than ever before are discovering the benefits of shopping online for all manner of things and that includes kitchen cabinets.

Defining your Requirements

When you browse online you’ll probably find plenty of kitchen stores selling almost identical products but usually with different names. What’s most important for you is to look carefully at the specifications of the cabinets before getting carried away with their good looks. Most importantly you need to ensure that your cabinets are made from solid wood and plywood if they are to last for several years without warping or sagging.

You may be surprised to learn that some of the top brand names actually use particle board in their cabinets, which is a material you should steer clear of at all costs as it absorbs moisture and will sag and buckle in high temperatures too.

Kitchen Cabinets

Online shopping of cabinets is inexpensive

Cheap cabinets can be found online which are made from solid wood throughout and which also have high specifications similar to those of Kraftmaid kitchens. Things such as soft closure, concealed hinges and dovetail drawers.

You may wonder how stores can sell inexpensive kitchen cabinets with such high specifications and its because firstly they don’t have the same overheads as traditional stores, and secondly they buy direct from the manufacturer avoiding the middle man. These savings can then be passed down to their customers in the guise of discount cabinets.

People are fast becoming savvy shoppers thanks to the recession and the majority will compare prices and read reviews before making a buying decision. All of this can be done online without having the pressure of a pushy salesman breathing down your neck.

Take your time when browsing discount kitchen cabinets and not only read the specifications and do comparison price checks, but also read customer testimonials to see if the company delivers well on customer service.

Feel the reality in virtual online world

You may be put off from shopping online for your cabinets because you like to see and touch before you buy. Any kitchen company worth their salt will be happy to send out sample doors for you to look at in the comfort of your own home. After all they want happy customers and don’t want to be handling returns.

Manufacturers copy ideas from each other all the time, so take what design features you like best from your jaw droppingly expensive dream kitchen in the glossy magazine, and then look at the hundreds of styles available online, and you’re bound to find some cheap kitchen cabinets which tick most, if not all of your boxes.

Keith Glass is a content writer and have been writing home improvement articles since couple of years. Keith holds an expertise in kitchen renovation projects and currently works as a content writer and product adviser for white wood cabinets which is an online retail shop for cherry, maple and oak kitchen cabinets.

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