Many couples enjoy spending time together at night cuddling. Sleeping in the same bed is a sign of affection and intimacy. Not everyone can handle sleeping in the same bed as another person though. Sleep can be interrupted multiple times in the night when you sleep with another person in the bed. Partners can snore, toss, turn, and kick around. In a perfect world, there would be no issues. Sadly, some people are lighter sleepers than others and will need some extra help to get through the night with their loved one. Here are some tips to help you sleep better with your partner.

Get the right bed

Some people need plenty of space when they sleep. A queen size bed may not cut it. Consider investing in a king size bed so you don’t bump elbows or kick each other on accident. A king size bed may take up more room, but a good night sleep is worth it. The right kind of mattress can also help you get a better sleep. If movement is a problem, try out memory foam mattresses. They tend to absorb the movement unlike spring mattresses.

Earplugs, Headphones, and White Noise

Your partner snores at night. They cannot help that they snore, it is just how they are made. You can wake up multiple times a night and tell them to turn over in hopes of them finding that mythical position of no snoring, but you still loose out on lots of sleep. Help yourself get some shut eye by investing in some good earplugs. A light snore won’t break through. If you have partner who snores heavily, you might need more help. Go for some sleep headphones and block out the annoying snoring with your music of choice. Pile on some white noise to block out even more! Use a fan or a white noise machine to cover up the unpleasant sound of snoring. With all of these combined, you should be able to drift off into a blissful and restful slumber.

Separate blankets

Do you have tugging wars with your partner at night? Do they toss and turn and unintentionally bring all the blankets with them? Consider getting separate blankets. It is a simple solution to a tug war that only involves a little investment. It will also be easier to control the temperature you desire when you use different blankets. Some people like more than others.

Sleep Separately

Some people are just very light sleepers. The slightest noise or movement will wake them from their sleep. Most people are generally happier when they get a good amount of sleep. Don’t take offense or get upset if your partner wants to sleep in the other room. It could actually improve the relationship when everyone gets to have a nice sleep and wake up refreshed everyday. Let’s be real, not much happens when we are sleeping but sleep. Sleeping in separate rooms isn’t the end of the world as long as you talk it out and still save time to cuddle together.

About the Author: Andrea is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a company that offers kansas city home security and Houston home security systems. She enjoys spending her time sleeping and working on getting that elusive lucid dream.

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