Pain can take over your life, keeping you from working, enjoying time with the ones you love and taking the fun out of simple pleasures. In Colonia chronic pain treatment is the best way to recapture control of your life from your pain.

We all deal with pain from time to time. Most pain is temporary, fading away as time passes. Chronic pain is different. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts more than six months, and there are many reasons you could be suffering from chronic pain.

Auto Injury

Automobile accidents happen every day, causing painful injuries across the globe. One of the most common medical issues that people in a car wreck deal with is whiplash. The force of the impact causes the head to be jerked to the front or back, straining neck muscles and tendons and causing pain and stiffness. The pain can shoot to the back and shoulders, making it hard to move.

If you have received an auto accident injury, your pain can last for months. Dealing with this pain throughout the day and night can become too much for most people to bear. Pain management is the answer for many people. With services that include medication, physical therapy, rest, massage, surgery, or a combination of treatments, you can get relief from the pain of injuries like whiplash.

Keep Moving

Often, one of the worst things you can do while you are recovering from an injury is to be too sedentary. A work-related injury can leave you unable to work for weeks or even months. This can lead to worry and stress about how to pay the bills. Many people suffer from depression during this time and don’t feel like moving.

To make sure you have the highest quality of life while you are recuperating and beyond, you need help from a pain management specialist. They can help you with physical therapy and appropriate exercises to help you regain your strength.

Joint Pain

Your joints take a lot of wear throughout the day, sometimes causing pain in your hips, knees, and shoulders. Shoulder pain can severely limit your movements, keeping you from performing your everyday tasks without extreme pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Almost 65 million people in our nation reported that they have suffered back pain recently. Of those, around 16 million adults have chronic back pain. Spinal cord stimulation can offer relief for some chronic back pain sufferers. Spinal cord stimulation could be the answer for your pain.

The way it works is that a little device delivers pulses of electricity directly to the spinal cord. This intercepts the pain signals before they have a chance to reach the brain, controlling the patient’s pain level. This treatment can be used to help a patient take better control of managing their pain without a high number of opioids.

Regenerative Medicine

Some forms of chronic pain can also be treated by using regenerative medicine. This is a process of stimulating the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. Through the use of non-surgical procedures, like platelet-rich plasma treatments and stem cell therapy, your own blood is used to heal the parts of the body that are causing your pain.

Don’t let pain take control of your life. Fight back with treatment options from your pain management specialist at Samwell Institute for Pain Management in Colonia and Livingston, NJ.