Being fit and active doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be all lean chicken and dry salad leaves, sure you can throw in the occasional salad dressing, but more often than not sweets or treats are forbidden. This fact alone makes the task of maintaining a healthy lifestyle daunting, do we love sweets and sugary goodness because of the taste, or is it more about seeing the items or baked goods and eating them out of habit.

For the majority of people, it is the latter and, thankfully, a solution has been considered which has significantly changed the way people view an active lifestyle and maintain it.

No, we are not talking about a fad pill or a diet capsule that takes your weight loss to the extreme, we are looking at an organic, all-natural ingredient that has essentially been around for centuries but its health benefits are only recently being discovered and implemented into lifestyles.

Wonder ingredient.

We are looking at a naturally-grown plant known as the Hemp plant, with its flowers and main components known as CBD and THC respectively. THC, known as the black sheep of the Hemp plant (read about it here ) is labeled as the negative component due to its hallucinogenic and psychoactive effects and is used more for recreational use.

CBD, also known by the name Cannabidiol, is the one we will be discussing and taking a closer look at and how its positive health effects have improved the quality of lives of users across the globe.

The main appeal factor for this ingredient is that it is a chemical, and preservative-free alternative to the generic and usual off-the-shelf supplements we find in supermarkets. A plant compound that is extracted using various methods, CO2 is the most effective (but also a bit pricier, although, you get what you pay for am I right?) and implemented into a diverse portfolio of products.

And this is where it gets exciting.

CBD as oil is quick and simple to add to many products, cosmetics, baked goods, and even taken as supplements. But as budding culinary enthusiasts have been experimenting and creating they have come up with a product that has made potential customers take notice. We are talking about the CBD-infused gummy. A chic and sweet-looking gumdrop but packed full with potential to aid and assist you with all your health issues.

Infusing CBD into the gummy makes it not only appealing and aesthetically pleasing, but can be portioned into compact sizes to fit your handbag and your lifestyle effortlessly. To see just some of the beautifully thought-about and produced products take a quick look at this page and browse what could be the answer you have been looking for when it comes to spicing up your fitness game.

There is something to suit everyone. If a gym session is an integral part of your lifestyle then a health benefit in the form of a gummy treat (yes please) that prevents, and essentially eliminates, the build-up between joints and muscles which can cause pain is the way forward, then sign me up.

Gym and gummies.

It may seem that a sweet treat would be detrimental to your active lifestyle but if that treat is a gummy shape that has been soaked and infused with CBD then you are one step in the right direction.

There is a long list of the positive impact CBD can have not only for your fitness level but for your life, in general, some you may not have even realized.

You can take a quick read here to get you started on the plus side of implementing CBD into your diet, while we round up the top 4 features CBD users have commented on which changed their lives.

  • When you train and push hard at the gym you essentially break down the fibers in the muscles, CBD can help to reduce if not prevent any inflammation allowing them to repair, grow, and recover quicker.
  • Often due to excessive sweating in a heavy gym session the pores of the skin can get blocked and cause dirt and oil to build up causing pimples and if not treated or you don’t scrub enough afterward this can lead to acne. Cannabidiol can help prevent overproduction of the oil glands thus helping you maintain clearer skin.
  • The pulses sent to and from the brain help regulate the flow of messages sent throughout the body and maintain normal bodily functions and operations, this too pertains to the heart, and a healthy heart equals a healthy lifestyle.


Inflamed muscles can be painful and you will know this all too well if you have just completed a ‘leg day’ at the fitness center, chewing a few gummies throughout the next day helps to break down any inflamed areas and you can soon get back to working out. And besides, if you enjoy a treat gummies can be the habitual and mental aid to our cravings.

Who knew that eating a dewdrop shaped jelly would be a good thing when it came to working out, it can be tough staying focused and disciplined when training so knowing this is a product that helps the body, as well as tasting and looking good, is a plus from all sides. Your gym lunch box can now have the dessert section filled in, win-win.

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