Either we know too much about certain blenders or lack information about it which gets the way of us buying the right kind of blender for our homes or businesses.

This article will tackle top three blenders available in the market. Read on to learn their features for comparison purposes to help you narrow your choice to the best blender fit for your need. You will also learn the general uses for a blender with its.

Desirable Features

  • Blade. This should be one of the parts which are easy enough to clean. You can simply put in water and some soap, turn the blender on, and then rinse it out thoroughly. However, depending on what you are blending and even so, it must be washed thoroughly because bacteria can grow and there are some food which are hard to remove. Check to see that the blade can be removed so that you can get it sanitized and allow the container to be cleaned thoroughly as well.
  • Speed. There are some blenders which offer high and multiple speeds. Blenders with three basic speeds are good enough if you do not have a special need that will require a higher one.
  • Noise. When blenders are often thought of, noise seems to be part of the things that come along with it. However, there are some models which have sound enclosures which lessen the noise. Those that have this feature are more expensive than those without. 

uses for a blender

Uses and Tips

  • Don’t use the blender if the jar is open. The lid must be placed securely to avoid contents from coming out and a messy kitchen. Even if the lid is on, it is always better to blend with one hand over it.
  • Do not fill up the jar immediately while blending. Leave some room for the ingredients to liquefy or expand. When putting in the ingredients, put the liquid first followed by the rest.
  • Detach the blade from the jar if possible in order to thoroughly clean it.
  • To clean it, put a little bit of water in it mixed with liquid dish detergent. Then, press on pulse for just a few seconds. This will be able to remove other contents before you do the final soaping and rinsing. When all blending tasks are finished, disassemble the jar and blade assembly to clean it carefully. Don’t put the base under running water; all you need to do is simply wipe the exterior of the base with a cloth.
  • Try to cut up the pieces you wish to blend. This will make it easier for the food to go around the blade.
  • Before changing speeds, it is always best to allow the blender to stop completely before pressing the next button.

There are many kinds of blenders. While out shopping for one, you might be tempted to choose the one that has a pretty design or one that you do not know much about. Depending on your need, you will need to choose one that can satisfy your needs. The price is also affected by function, material, type of blade and other things.

Read best blender reviews on the Internet to know the types of blenders available in the market today, learn and compare its differences, and assess the features and the quality for you to make a wise consumer decision.

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