Where to Place Wall Sconces in Your Home

Home lighting makes the home a place of productivity as it makes it a beautiful and comfortable one. That said, one can say that promoting good lighting in the household would be like hitting two birds with one stone. It is only therefore quite important to look into this aspect carefully especially when looking to make a livable abode for the entire family.

One of the most popular lighting types being utilized today are wall sconces. They are light fixtures attached to walls from which they gain support, and are usually installed for decorative purposes. However, wall sconces can be quite a versatile piece at home if you just use a bit of your creativity and do your research on home lighting.

The following is a list of the areas at home where you can install wall sconces:

Wall Sconces

1. The Bedroom

Since the bedroom is a place intended for people to take a break from the day and get enough rest to be able to face the next one with renewed energy, it has to have lighting effects that make it conducive for rest and relaxation. Wall sconces are known for the warm and soft lighting they give, making them an ideal pick for bedroom lighting.

2. The Living Room

A room of many functions, the living room can be lighted with a combination of three lighting types. This can include an overhead lighting like a classy chandelier for those occasional social functions, contemporary wall sconces for those nights that could only get better with the warm, welcoming glow of soft, ambient lighting, and a catchy floor lamp for accent lighting.

3. The Home Office

Though the home office mainly requires task lighting to support productivity and efficiency, wall sconces do have an important role to play in it. They help reduce stress levels in the room by providing ambient lighting to complement the available task light. At the same time, they may serve both as ambient and corrective light which reduces glare coming from the computer screen, thereby decreasing risks of eye strain and migraines.

4. The Bathroom

Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is another place in the house where you can have time and space for yourself. As such, it’s important that you set-up its lighting in such a way that makes it a better place for relaxation — especially after the difficult days.

5. The Hallway

Hallways connect one room to another, with the main one serving as guests’ entryway into the house. And since main hallways give a first impression to those entering it, the goal in lighting them should be to produce a warm, welcoming effect which can be achieved by installing wall sconces that can be adjusted with dimmer switches.

The list above, however, does not provide a definitive rule in utilizing wall sconces; the information presented are only suggestions and if you find any of them to be non-applicable to your case, then you are of course free to do home lighting your own way. There are limitless options when it comes to making your home as beautiful, comfortable, and as conducive as it can be — you just need to be resourceful, creative, and have excellent skills in critical thinking.

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