Top 5 Places To Eat In Melbourne

The vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is awash with world-class eating establishments that cater to virtually any palette or budget. From casual burger joints to intimate fine dining experiences no visit to Melbourne is complete without at least a taster of the food on offer.

However this culinary diversity can also make picking out the very best places to eat something of a challenge – after all everyone has their own tastes, opinions and likes. However we have endeavoured to select five restaurants that not have enviable reputations but also illustrate well the range of experiences that await you in the hope that no matter what your culinary passions you’ll find at least one eatery that piques your interest and encourages a visit.

Places To Eat In Melbourne

1. MoVida Bar de Tapas

MoVida is arguably one of the best restaurants not just in Melbourne but even in the whole of Australia. The speciality at MoVida is for tapas – but with a difference. The talented chefs at MoVida manage to take traditional Spanish fare to a whole new level of quality and refinement, bringing it right up-to-date for the modern foodie. As if the mind-blowing taste experience weren’t enough, MoVida also benefits from an impressive wine list and service that is second to none. As the icing on the cake MoVida is located in Hosier Lane, one of the coolest addresses going, with its brightly coloured street art daubing the bare brick walls and creating a psychedelic dream-like experience.

2. Hopetoun Tea Rooms

It seems strange when discussing the top places to eat in Melbourne that we should bring up an old-fashioned tea room but the almost never-ending queues and the eye-popping window display of fine cakes should be enough to encourage further investigation. In a gentle nod to the English tea shops bygone days, Hopetoun offers a heady mix of sophistication and luxury with their sumptuous selection of freshly-made desserts.  Be aware though that booking is not possible so ensure you arrive early for the best possible seats.

3. Cumulus

No list of the top places to eat in Melbourne would be complete without mentioning Cumulus because it is, for many people, the ultimate fine dining experience. The food coverage here is both broad and unique with a wide variety of dishes you’re unlikely to have experienced anywhere else so provides the opportunity for a meal you will remember for years to come.

In contrast to many of the other popular restaurants mentioned here, you won’t find yourself rubbing elbows with strangers because Cumulus because is a cavernous building with plenty of seating options on offer. For the best experience, book early rather than walking in (where the wait can somewhat take the edge off the experience) and select your table carefully depending on your preference for a romantic tete-a-tete or the ultimate people-watching experience.

4. The Hardware Societe

Despite the seemingly strange choice of name, which many people say makes them think of shops selling tools and plumping supplies, the Hardware Societe is in fact a little taste of France in the middle of the city. For travellers who tire of tourist eateries and would prefer something a little more authentic, it’s hard to go wrong at Hardware Societe. From the huge range of passionately-prepared coffees to the freshly-baked pastries and full-on meals, for lovers of classic French food it’s hard to go wrong at Hardware Societe.

5. Sakura Kaiten

This intimate restaurant reportedly serves the finest Japanese sushi in the whole of Melbourne. The quality of the food is reflected in how busy the restaurant can become at peak times though this also means that the sushi making its way round the train is about as fresh as you can get. The dishes available range widely in both their complexity and price though helpfully all dishes are colour-coded which makes budgeting your meal a breeze when so many options are available to you.

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