Top 10 Car Maintenance Errors Most People Commit

Maintaining your car might be the last thing you have in mind, until you realised there’s definitely something wrong with it. Most car owners overlook issues with their cars at some point, and this can be deadly.

When you’ve just recently bought a car, you’re probably expecting it to perform at its best. However, it doesn’t mean you aren’t obliged to maintain it.

Similar to humans, cars also need to be well taken care of. They require regular check-ups to maintain overall health and wellness.

Some vehicle parts are asymptomatic when in fact problems already arise. With this, you might think everything is perfectly fine and functioning until it suddenly malfunctions and forces you to stop while in the middle of the road.

Car Maintenance Errors

Ahead, you’ll come across the most common car maintenance mistakes that you have probably done.

So how about we unlearn some things, shall we?

  1. Using worn-out tyres

Tyres become dilapidated over time. Most car experts advise you to change tyres after five years.

  1. Overlooking the brakes

In the event you feel anything unusual about your brakes, it’s best to go to a professional mechanic right away.

  1. Inability to change oil regularly

Oil is the one thing that keeps your engine alive and roaring. Failure to change it regularly is considered one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever commit to your car. Most car professionals recommend changing oil every 5000 miles as these turbo-charges your car’s performance.

  1. Driving with burnt-out lights

Perhaps you don’t regard lights as equally important as changing your oil regularly until you get caught into a road mishap. Replacing light bulbs aren’t too pricey. So how about changing them right away the moment you notice they’re already decrepit?

Check the brake lights, tail lights and headlights every now and then for early detection.

  1. Never considering car servicing

Maybe the most common reason why most car owners skip such imperative action is the thought of it being too pricey. On the contrary, paying your mechanic a regular visit can help you save money. Why? Because your mechanic can detect problems before it gets worse. Early diagnosis on faulty parts means lesser expenses.

  1. Overlooking car noises and tire pressure

Never overlook the moment your vehicle begins to create unnecessary noises. Such noises are indicators that some car parts need to be fixed right away.

On the other hand, low tire pressure impedes your vehicle to perform at its best. Furthermore, it causes your car to feel every bump present on the road. When this happens, your car’s suspension is in danger.

  1. Using season-inappropriate tyres

Just as humans need different types of clothing depending on the season, cars also need the appropriate seasonal tires. If you’re living in a place where there are seasonal changes in weather and temperature, it’s best to purchase both summer and winter tyre sets or else you won’t reach your desired destination. If you don’t want to throw away your hard-earned cash, then always drive with the right set of tyres.

  1. Not using original car parts

Most generic parts are not tested by the original car manufacturer. With this, such parts might come as faulty.

It’s important to use ONLY original spare parts when repairing your car. Always choose quality over quantity if you want to make it lasts longer.

  1. Driving with too much weight

Avoid putting too much weight on your car while driving as this can greatly affect your mileage and safety. So the next time you decide of putting your bike, golf equipment and scuba diving tools all at once, you might want to think again.

  1. Inability of maintaining the interior

Keep your interior clean at all times. Avoid piling up candy wrappers or cigarette butts inside. Otherwise you might be attracting insects in your car. Have it cleaned at least once every three weeks to make sure your car’s perfectly maintained.

Cars aren’t trinkets you can immediately buy when you’re bored with it. That said, it only makes sense to keep an eye on it at all times.

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