Three Categories Of Physical Therapist Jobs

There are three main physical therapist jobs that a qualified individual can apply for: occupational therapists, recreational therapists and chiropractors. Only those who possess a sound knowledge of both physiology and anatomy have the basics to go for physical therapist jobs, especially if they are seeking to relieve the persons who suffer from certain physical conditions. A qualified physical therapist is able to provide their patients with relief regardless of the age of the patient. Indeed, the training that they have to go through during their academic experience is specifically designed to give them all the knowledge and the techniques that they need to deliver satisfaction to their patients.

physical therapist jobs

The first category of physical therapist jobs is the one of the occupational therapists.

Occupational therapists treat their patients in order to diminish the damages that they have experienced due to physical, mental or emotional debility. These damages can have a lasting impact on the patients by, for example, making it hard for them to operate in public. Thanks to the occupational therapist, a patient suffering from such ailments should be able to get their independence back but also function by their own capacity in both home and business environments. The duties that an occupational therapist can perform in this type of scenario range from providing support to the patients who want to use their computer or be engaged in dressing activities. When administering the treatment to their patients, an occupational therapist may also demand the patient to take part in specially designed physical programs as their objectives would be to augment dexterity or strength.

The second category of physical therapist jobs is the one of the recreational therapists.

A recreational therapist is a medical professional who, thanks to a variety of techniques, seeks to enhance the quality of life of the patients who are disabled. They have the ability to lessen the anxiety felt by their patients or even the depression that they may be going through. A recreational therapist tries to reinstate motor functioning by offering movement and dance programs to their patients. They also assist their patients so that they can keep and augment their physical well-being. It is very common to see recreational therapists in a variety of working settings such as in rehabilitation centers, in hospitals, or even in long-term care facilities centers. This category of physical therapist jobs is the one that has the lowest salary of the three physical therapist job categories that we have listed in this blog.

Finally, the third and last category of physical therapist jobs is the one of the chiropractors.

A chiropractor has the ability to run a diagnosis and administer treatments to musculoskeletal issues. Besides, a chiropractor is also capable to handle all the problems that the musculoskeletal problems cause to the nervous system of their patients. The basis on which chiropractic therapy stands is that the issues that the nervous system can experience are likely to be provoked by the misalignment of the spine. Chiropractors administer treatment in various ways. Examples include acupuncture, heat, or even massage.

Of the three categories of physical therapist jobs, the chiropractor is the better paid according to some reports released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many different equipment can be used in physical therapy. Examples include pedal exercisers, exercise balls, resistance exercise bands, Nintendo Wiis, treadmills, or even posture mirror. Each one of these gadgets or machines has proved helpful in providing support to the patients who seek to regain their physical abilities or to obtain some kind of relief from their physical injuries. The pedal exerciser is, for instance, very adequate for the patients who are seeking to make the muscles of their legs and knees stronger.

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