The Right Color of Rugs Just for You and Ways to Take Care of Them

Once you’ve made a decision to purchase a rug to correspond to the look of a particular room in your house, you will face a number of questions. With this in mind, you will need to narrow down your search. Color choices, type of material, and rug size will not escape your attention. Since rugs are available in so many patterns, designs, and shapes, you will find limitless options for your home decoration. However, the color you ultimately select can tell people a lot about your personality.

Some people may pick a rug that matches the colors of the furniture and walls inside the room, while those with more modernistic preferences may select a rug that adds a splash of contrast to the entire space. Either way, selecting the right color of rug is important not only in boosting the aesthetics of the area, but as well in promoting the preferred environment for the owners.

Warm Tones

Warm colors such as oranges, yellows, and the range of hues in between indicate a happy room. The rugs having these types of shades will seem inviting and ideal for a living room where you welcome family and friends to enjoy a good conversation. These hues hint a spring season and work nicely with whites and lighter colors.

Right Color of Rugs


Light brown rugs, beiges, and whites may suggest that you want your living room area to look neat and staid or clean and classic. Your kids may take it as an indication that these types of rugs are not intended for indoor picnics or heavy traffic. If you have an area that isn’t used nearly as much as other areas, you may have thought about using a neutral colored rug to indicate how all things must remain in its current place. These hues do not necessarily mean a dull personality, but instead an air of calmness and tranquility.

Cool Greens and Blues

As you look into the various colors offered here – everything from dark lavender to sea foam green, you may discover that these hues promote peace and tranquility. If you are thinking about designing a place to serve as a personal space that is not too dark, these gentle blues and greens may do just fine.

Deep Tones

Rich purples, violets, and darker shades of blue may imply that a room is arranged for classy evenings. These kinds of hues may boost feelings of closeness with a touch of boldness. Get ready to enjoy various activities without feeling agitated.

Now that you have learned what color of rug best suits you, it is now time to learn how to take care of it to keep its color in pristine condition.

General Care

To keep all types of rugs in pristine condition, it’s important to vacuum clean on a regular basis. However, instead of just passing the vacuum cleaner once over the rug from one direction, the ideal method is to pass over all rug parts several times, approaching from many different directions. If the rug is placed in a heavy duty and heavy traffic area, increase vacuum cleaning as necessary to lessen dust and dirt build-up.

However, you need to handle hand-tufted rugs with care. You need to avoid using a type of vacuum cleaner with teeth or combs because this may ruin the rug.

Spillages and Stains

Intense rubbing is perhaps the most common and biggest mistake any rug owner does when it comes to getting rid of stains and spills. If any liquid stains and spills over the rug, it’s important to blot the affected area with a pure, white cloth and not rub it. Furthermore, never try to scrape-up any dirt with any sharp or pointed object because this will only damage the rug. Always bear in mind that there is a specific and recommended way to deal with a particular type of stain.

Therefore, before applying detergents and bleaches on your rugs, search through the Internet first and try to find a tested and proven solution. The best alternative is always hand-washing with a mild laundry cleaning agent mixed with lukewarm water. Do not ever soak your rug with harmful detergents or try to do steam cleaning because these can significantly alter the color and shape of your rug.


The most effective and simplest trick by far is to rotate the positioning of your rug, maybe once every 6 months. There are lots of external elements and factors that can affect the appearance and quality of a rug over time. These include temperatures, foot traffic, air quality, and direct sunlight; therefore it’s a smart move to distribute wear evenly.

Call the Expert

Lastly, though you will spend some of your money calling in expert cleaners to take care of your rugs with VIP treatment, it is actually more affordable than going for a replacement. Using the services of professional cleaning companies has the possibility to lengthen the life of your rug significantly, which means huge savings in the long run.

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