Selecting the Best Dog Food for Puppies

If you have recently adopted an amazing new furry friend, you are having a great time experiencing the great bond between man and dog. This precious little animal is completely and utterly dependent upon you and loves you unconditionally. These are the reasons it is important to do your best to provide your new puppy with the best care you possibly can. Great care is more than merely taking your puppy to regular veterinarian visits, it is ensuring your dog receives enough attention, exercise, and even more so, proper nutrition.

When your dog is fueled properly from the inside, his entire body functions at its prime. Everything from his internal organs to his coat will be properly nourished, ensuring your dog’s optimum health. So how do you know what puppy-food is the best for your pup? While talking to your veterinarian is an excellent way to start, there are general basics you should look for when researching puppy food.

Dog Food for Puppies

Protein is Good

Protein is the most important ingredient for dogs, especially growing puppies. If the first ingredient is not a protein, the food is not worth buying, period. Protein feeds your dog’s muscles as it grows and matures into a young dog. Make sure the protein is whole, and not a by-product as the quality of by-products are minimal, and less-desired for a strong, healthy pup.

Essential Fatty Acids and Oils

Just like people, dogs need essential fatty acids and oils to keep their body running smoothly. Not only does it feed their brain, heart, joints and skin, they can also help make your pup’s coat look amazing!

Packed with Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential to good health – these are the nutrients you and your pup needs to function at its best. They help build immunity and ensure the internal functions of organs are nourished and effective.

Minimal Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are something your puppy does not require. These are mostly used to as fillers and can actually be a source of excess weight gain if eaten in large amounts. Make sure these ingredients are kept at a minimum in the food you choose for your puppy.

Natural is Best

Just as nature intended, natural is best when it comes to your puppy’s food. The less ingredients the better and when it comes to what the ingredients are you want whole, natural foods rather than preservatives and chemically enhanced ones. If you see artificial colors or anything else nature did not event it is best to stay away from that brand and find another that is focused on packing the puppy food with wholesome whole ingredients, just as nature intended!

By keeping these simple tips in mind you will be on the right path to picking out a great food for your puppy. A few other things to understand make sure you buy “puppy” food. Young dogs have a number of nutrient needs that are specifically addressed in puppy chow and adult dog food will more than likely unable to meet all of your puppy’s nourishment needs. When you do find that perfect puppy chow for your beloved new companion, make sure you listen to your veterinarian and only give your puppy the recommended amount of food. Overfeeding is a very common problem and can cause a number of problems with your pet, including joint and heart problems – even if they whine and beg, stick with the amount your veterinarian suggested and find another activity to take your pup’s mind off of it!

Susan Wright DMV is a dog expert, a vet and a freelance writer often sharing affordable ways to raise dogs

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