Influential Women in the Nursing Profession

Healthcare professions are perceived as both noble and lucrative. Nursing is an important supporting field, and perspectives of the nursing profession can be confused. While there are well-known stories of influential women devoting themselves to service, there are many more influences that aren’t as recognizable. Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale are among the best known nurses in history. There are others worth noting.

Saint Fabiola is one of the earliest influences in nursing. She funded a Roman hospital, tending to patients and living out a philosophy of accommodating the needy, poor and sick in the spirit of the Church until her death in 399 A.D. Meanwhile, many influential nurses served in the context of meeting the medical needs of military personnel.

Clara Barton is known for her efforts during the Civil War. Dorothea Dix is also noted as a nurse who served during the Civil War. Anna Caroline Maxwell founded the Army Nurse Corps and restored a field hospital during the Spanish-American War.

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Influential Women in the Nursing Profession

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