Historic Gyms in London

Gyms in London and historic buildings seem a strange match; but there are many places where modern fitness equipment can be found in splendid surroundings.

Due to high rents and limited space, gyms in London are often to be found in unexpected places. The large number of listed or historic buildings in London need to earn their keep, especially given rocketing maintenance bills. Converting these buildings to popular fitness centres is an excellent way of keeping them in use, and their character and atmosphere are a real asset to a business looking to attract custom in the face of fierce competition.

The very first purpose-built gym in the city was the German Gymnasium which is near Kings Cross. It dates from the 1860s and as the name suggests, was funded by the German community. It is now a meeting space but is fascinating to visit, and preserves its history with many photographs of early gymnastics.

German Gymnasium Kings Cross London German Gymnasium, Kings Cross, London

Fortunately plenty of historic buildings are still housing gyms. In the centre of the city, famous hotels such as the Dorchester, the Athenaeum and the Kensington have fitted small but state-of-the-art fitness centres into their buildings. These facilities are now expected of five-star hotels, and the gyms need to be open 24 hours, kept immaculately clean and feature the latest equipment. Beautifully-appointed showers with fluffy towels and toiletries and relaxing spas are now also standard at the top hotels.

However fitness with historical style is also available to those on lesser budgets. Some of the council-run gyms in London are housed in buildings with far more of a tale to tell than the standard concrete and steel boxes. One of these is Arches Leisure Centre near Greenwich – while it dates ‘only’ from 1927 it still has the original pool hall with the impressive vaulted ceiling, and the decorative arches which give the building its name.

Those with an interest in boxing can also find themselves in historic venues. The sport has always been associated with pubs, and some of these have now stopped serving drinks and become full-time boxing and boxing-related exercise venues. There is a lot to be said for working up a sweat where generations before have done the same – and remember, no historic venue is complete without its ghost!

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