Guide to Early Hispanic Education

In the United States, Hispanic population increased as the year passes by, and they are now becomes the majority fast growing group in the said country. Based on study, they are 15 % of the total population in the country and for some reason this democratic group gains attention from the government. These opportunities are given through employment, educational opportunities, and scholarships and grants.

Hispanic group especially their youth are given a wonderful opportunity to prove themselves. They are now taking the right path and enhance their skills through useful programs that lighten their way to a bright future. Hispanic Education for Hispanic group of people needs a big support to help individuals gain knowledge that will benefit their future.

Most of the Hispanic youth looks up to their families like their elder brothers or cousins to ask for support but unfortunately the support usually not given to them. Some of them considered studying as their weakness but when it comes to trouble, they consider it acceptable.

Most of the time, males are often involved in troubles. But, if they are guided with responsible people in school, somebody understands and cares with them. They are able to be good in school and gain confidence especially in dealing with other people.

Hispanic Education, most especially for the Hispanic youth, is a big help for the development of the person. They are able to adopt changes and learn to accept certain things.

Both parents, the school and government sector has a great responsibility to increase participation in early Hispanic education.

Hispanic Education

For the Parents

  • The parents should be their first teacher that will teach them good things to help them enhance their knowledge. Teaching them a song, telling them good stories, asking them simple questions, and reading books with them, either in Spanish or English, or both will surely help a lot in their development.
  • They also need to provide an enriching, safe, and good environment for their children to make them easily adjust and cope up with certain things. As a main goal of Hispanic education, the parents should help their children to realize some differences that involve Hispanic and non-Hispanic. You don’t need to rush you can explain that soon they will understand.
  • As much as possible, parents should be partners with community organizations or school personnel that will help them along the educational process. By doing this, you are able to create good and clear plans for your child’s education.
  • Use the school and the community resources for you to learn more about the services that covers Hispanic education for the big benefit of the child. Taking advantage of the services regarding this matter is a big help for the children of Hispanic group.

For the School

  • By creating school based programs and with the help of the early education providers of the community that helps Hispanic children will help the children to learn the skills that they need to be more ready on their learning process. These programs will surely plays a big part in Hispanic education.
  • Lots of children will take benefit from it with a total support of their parents will give them courage to learn and develop skills. An effective program from school opens a wide opportunity to the children on their learning process. This will also take them to advance learning.
  • Extension of school year and school day also means more learning to come. Providing community based comprehensive parent education, programs that is supported by the family will serve as place where parents can tell and share their stories and own experiences with their children or their contribution to the child learning experience.
  • It’s also great if the school offers teacher-run training program to the parents. So they can help their children to learn and discover skills at home. Hispanic Education is not only done inside the school but also inside the home. Learning starts from home and it is developed in school.
  • Children find themselves more comfortable at home than inside the school. Basically, they were able to learn more and get more from their home. School is the number one supporter and provider of the best learning for the children.

For the Government

  • Expand and promote the availability of Hispanic Education program and family literacy such as the early head Start, the head start, and the EvenStart programs for the parents of the Hispanic children and the children that age 7 years in the Hispanic community.
  • Supporting practical applications of the programs, funding of the research, effective dissemination practices and being a good role model to Hispanic childhood community is the best thing to practice to help a lot of children in Hispanic community.
  • Establishing community center in every Hispanic Community that provides bilingual info. About the government supported or government sector, family programs, childhood education programs, etc. will help a lot of Hispanic families particularly the children about their learning experience.

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