Four Possible Reasons Why You’re Peeing Blood

Hematuria is the medical term for the presence of blood in urine. The amount ranges from miniscule samples to large quantities that affect the color of the liquid. This may be accompanied by aching in various parts of the body but most of the time it happens without any warning. People are often at a loss when they discover that they are peeing blood on what they thought would be a routine trip to the bathroom. The important thing is not to panic as there are multiple reasons for phenomenon ranging from benign to dangerous. It is best to consult a physician right away and undergo lab tests to make a reach a definitive conclusion. The most common findings are as follows:

1. Kidney Trauma

The kidney is a sensitive organ that can get easily injured by a sudden or repetitive


impact because of its positioning below the ribcage. This fact is exploited by boxers who target body shots to the kidney as is likely to knock the wind off of their opponents and weaken them in an instant. Even the best conditioned athletes will recoil in pain after a punch to the kidney and usually pee a lot of blood after the fight. Repetitive movements that squeeze the kidneys may also induce the same reaction from the body such activities like such as endurance running, biking and other forms of exercise. Cessation and immediate medical attention is desired in these cases to prevent further damage.

2. Kidney Stones

Few things are more painful than having well-developed kidney stones in the body trying to pass through with liquid waste. They grate the thin sensitive linings along the way causing internal wounds and unbearable agony. Small stones may be melted through medication and other techniques while large ones have to be taken out via surgery. If piercing pain is felt in tandem with peeing blood then kidney stones are the likely culprit. The presence of any crystalline excretions would support this hypothesis.

3. Diabetes

Diabetics have overtaxed kidneys because they are constantly trying to attempt to regulate the blood sugar to tolerable levels. This is especially true during periods of poor nutritional intake. Processing copious amounts of sugar may tire out the organ and result to injured tissues. Type 2 or adult onset diabetes is an illness that creeps up slowly so a lot of people have it without being aware of the situation making them vulnerable to making bad food choices. Another possible reason for peeing blood is hyperglycemia.

4. UTI

The urinary tract is prone to bacteria and other infections due to unsanitary practices, contaminated water, open wounds, etc. It can cause people to have an overwhelming urge to pee frequently even though only a small amount comes out. Sometimes blood comes out with the urine indicating an advanced stage of infection. UTI is easily treatable if detected early enough.

A wide variety of conditions may result to peeing blood and these are just some of the most frequent findings. If they don’t match your symptoms, head over to the nearest doctor at once to make the proper identification. Once a diagnosis is reached, treatment can begin in earnest.

  1. This doesn’t mention the fact that if you “hold it” for too long, your bladder can get over-stretched and burst a blood vessel or two. It’s not fun.

  2. This is a good article, but it does not mention that blood in urine is also one of the warning signs of cancer. My Dad experienced this on and off for several months; his doctor kept telling him it was a burst blood vessel, then an infection. I begged him to get a second opinion-I knew it was not normal for it to go on so long. He finally did and it turned out to be bladder cancer. Please get this thoroughly checked out if your symptoms persist!