Five Ways to Spice Up Your Living Space

When it comes to interior decorating, you can either hire a pricey decorator, or do the work yourself.  While there are definitely some things that ought to be left to the pros, such as installing new carpet or laminate flooring, there are some things you can very easily do on your own, saving money on decorating in the process.

1. Make it Unique

Unless you really want to be just like everyone else (and who does?), then making your interior spaces truly your own should be a priority.  Don’t feel as if you must follow someone else’s rules about the way your home looks.  So, decide what aspects of your life you enjoy most, then use them in your design to create space that resounds with who you are.  You’re guaranteed to enjoy showing your space off to guests, who are certain to be green with envy!  Feel free to pass this tip along to anyone – it’s sure to be appreciated, as no one really wants to live in a bland, boring space that looks like an uninspired hotel room.

2. Create a Theme

If you collect certain items, don’t cram them all together on a single shelf.  Instead, incorporate them into your entire living space where they’ll be appreciated for their uniqueness.  If you don’t have a collection, and if you don’t want to start one, start thinking about what kind of theme you might like. Perhaps you love the way beach houses or log cabins look inside, or maybe you’re really into sleek urban looks, with lots of stainless steel and shimmering glass.  Whatever your taste, pick a theme and go with it.  If you can afford to completely redesign all at once, do it! If not, gradually edge out the old with the new and enjoy the process of transforming your home over time.

Living Space

3. Create Focal Points

No matter what kind of design elements you like, it’s vital that you create focal points.  Spend some time looking at home decorating magazines and cruising home decorating sites, and you’ll notice that in each and every room that’s featured, there is a focal point – usually it’s a certain wall, a table, a fireplace mantle, or even a furniture grouping.  Great ideas for decorating focal points include indoor water features, unique art glass, interesting lamps or chandeliers, or incredible floral arrangements.

4. Use Colors that Pop

No matter what color or color combination you like most, using color is a great way to spice up a room.  While some people go all out and use a certain color all throughout their living space, others prefer to use a mostly neutral palette, then add small touches of color to create a stunning visual impact.  Since you are the person who lives in the home, go with whatever look pleases you most.  You want to enjoy the time you spend in your personal space rather than live with regret!

5. Try Feng Shui

Feng Shui is about much more than interior decorating; in fact, there’s so much to this art of design that some people actually dedicate their lives to the practice.  With Feng Shui, certain colors correspond with certain energies.  Natural elements are very popular for use within Feng Shui, including things such as plants, indoor water features, stone surfaces, and more.  You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle to decorate using Feng Shui principles, but you will probably find that your living space ultimately ends up feeling more vibrant and orderly as you work to bring it all together.

By following one or all of these tips, you’re certain to enjoy living in your house or apartment a whole lot more.  Unique and pleasing to the eyes, your home will be a space that reflects who you are, rather than simply being one of a million just like it.

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