A Short Guide to Rebuilding your Boiler after a Disaster

Hurricane Sandy literally swept half of New York off its feet along with their homes and possessions. Thankfully, damage was kept to a minimum but most homeowners have lost their heating and cooling amenities, basic plumbing, and electrical wiring as well.

To prevent the spread of dangerous waterborne and airborne diseases, it is now necessary to get heating, plumbing, cooling and wiring systems in place as quickly as possible.

The very first place to start is with a good plumbing company and an affordable boiler that will ensure hot water for bathing and for consumption.

Start by assessing the damage to your home

The condition of your home will vary according to its location. However, we recommend you call in a qualified contractor to evaluate the electrical and plumbing connections in your home.

A professional licensed contractor like Audubon Plumbing Supply is the best as they have years of experience in dealing with hurricane-damaged homes. All you have to do is call the company and they will send in a professional to evaluate your home free.

With his advice, you will be able understand the amount of damage done and the repair time and cost involved in getting your home boiler and heating system up and running.

Essential repairs

The contractor will usually let you know what is required in your home. If it is possible to retain the original wiring and boiler, most contractors will do so but in 90% of all water-damaged homes, a complete replacement is necessary.

Contractors will also recommend the use of top quality boilers like Weil McLain boilers as these boilers are easy to install and they are affordable as well. Replacement estimates may seem a little high but there is a legitimate reason for this and the contractor will explain them to you.

We’ve listed a few main reasons that will necessitate a complete boiler and wiring replacement.

  • Wiring that came in close contact with salt water has to be replaced as dried salt conducts electricity. If you had your boiler in the basement and the basement flooded; it is safe to say that you will require a new boiler and a completely new wiring system.
  • Boiler safety or relief valves must be replaced as salt water or plain water damage can affect the factory calibrations. Installing new valves is mandatory to verify that the boiler works correctly.
  • Steel boilers that must be replaced by removing them and building new shells. Salt damage will be assessed by the contractor and he may recommend a combustion chamber replacement, refractory and boiler door gasket replacement etc to ensure proper working of the boiler.
  • Dry insulation material may be packed around the boiler to ensure that the boiler remains safe to use and free of any wet areas in the foundation.

Now that you know what to do, we recommend you also check local charitable associations and government funding agencies. These associations have grants that are offered to homeowners in certain communities. We know that cash may be short but grants and reimbursements are possible for boiler repair and this will definitely help you repair your home quickly.

This article was written by electrical engineer, Frank Hillebrand. When he is not busy working, Frank enjoys helping out his community and participating in Habitat for Humanity.

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