5 Common Garage Door Problems and their Quick Fixes

Experiencing problems with your garage door?

You need not fret!

While garage door problems can seem complicated, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Arm yourself with the following basic troubleshooting skills, and you can have your door working again in no time.

Garage Door Problems

Problem #1: Garage door just sticks when opened or closed

Solution: Lubricate metal rollers and hinges.

When this happens, chances are the hinges and roller door motors need to be lubricated. In addition, it will be best to also check if the tracks are clogged, dirty or misaligned.

Problem #2: Trolley carriage moves but the door won’t budge

Solution: Change the trolley carriage

Oftentimes, the likely culprit in a similar scenario is a broken trolley. Begin the replacement process by pulling off the old one by clamping down the chain and attaching it to the rail. This strategy will help the chain stay in place, allowing you to reassemble faster.

Problem #3: Remote works but the wall switch doesn’t

Solution: Replace the wall wires and switch

In instances like this, you may have to change either the wall switch or the wires.

Before anything else though, you have to troubleshoot which among the two needs to be replaced.

To check whether the problem is the switch or wires, unscrew the switch from the wall and allow the two wires to touch.

If the opener runs, this is an indication that the problem is the switch. If your opener has a light as well as a locking option, it is recommended that you replace it with a model specifically designed for your unit.

Furthermore, if the opener doesn’t work even though you’ve already tried to touch the two wires together, use a small wire and jump those wires at the opener terminal. If the opener works, it is another indication the problem is with the wires.

Problem #4: Wall switch works but the remote doesn’t

Solution: Change batteries or replace remote or receiver

If the remote still doesn’t work even after replacing the batteries, you might need to buy a new one.

If for instance you won’t be able to find the model that is compatible with your garage door opener, you can use a universal remote or you can opt to install a new receiver instead.

Fortunately, new receivers automatically update older openers to the new rolling code technology. This will make it very difficult for potential intruders to guess your code.

Problem #5: Everything works perfectly fine except the lights

Solution: Change the light socket

If there is nothing wrong with your bulbs, then chances are your light socket is the problem.

Replace the socket by removing the circuit board. Get the old socket by depressing the clips that hold it in its position. Remove the two wire connections and replace it with the new socket.

In addition, ensure you are using a bulb with the correct wattage. Otherwise, it will cause the socket to malfunction. Lastly, a light cover that has turned yellow due to heat is a clear indication you are using the wrong type of bulb.

Part of adequate home security, is ensuring you attend to any garage door problems accordingly and on time. This will help ensure your valuables stay safe and your sanity remains intact.

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