5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most significant rooms in your home as it welcomes your relatives or friends when they come into your home. Keeping other rooms tidy and in proper order may not be essential but you need to have your living room clean and well maintained.

Whilst redecorating a living room, ambient lighting, lifestyle of your family members, fabric designs and theme of the curtains ought to be taken into consideration.

Cheap Ways to Redecorate your Home

  • 1. Cleaning the living room from dirt and dust is the first step to redecorate your home in an inexpensive way. You may begin cleaning from the ceiling and can end up cleaning windows and the floor.
  • Once the cleaning is done, make a list of items you actually require in your living room so as to make it cluster-free.
  • 2. Set up a theme for your living room as it plays a major role in enhancing the room. There are various magazines and websites on home decoration that can guide you to select a theme that best suits your need and budget.
  • After selecting the theme, make sure not to select too many items for your living room. Filling the room with unnecessary attractive items will only make your living room look messy and unattractive for the guests.

Redecorate Living Room

Typical Pricing to Remodel Your Living Room

Depending upon your requirements and the dimensions of your living room, remodeling of your living room can differ in costs. If you wish to redecorate on a budget, there are certain ideas to redecorate the room for under $750.

  • 3. You may begin by reinstating the lighting. Opting for tall floor lamps will cost you just $110 each plus fancy lighting fixtures for $75 each at the Home Depot.
  • 4. To give your living room a brand new look, painting is a good option. Off-whites, tans and light yellows are a perfect way to create a warm feeling to your living room. Hiring a professional painter to do the job may cost you an average of $300 and if you consider doing the job yourself, the total cost will run you almost $100.
  • Once you have your living room painted and the lighting replaced, you must consider reinstating blinds at the windows, which you may purchase according to your needs and budget.
  • 5. Installation of wooden flooring and replacing the carpet may not be possible for you on a small budget. Instead you may give your old carpet a new look by hiring a carpet scrubber for $25 and scrub it till it appears new again.
  • You may also give your wooden floor a nice re-finish by picking up a polish and a wood floor refinisher for about $50.

Once the room is cleaned, you must buy rugs that match the overall deco of your living room. A nice descent rug will cost you somewhere from $50-$500. The total cost for new lighting, drapes, new paint job and cleaned flooring will run you about $620.

Where to Buy

At American Freight Furniture you may find a wide range of inexpensive living room deco that you are seeking for your living room. You can choose chairs, room lamps, living room sets, coffee tables, sofas couches, futons, ottomans and end tables.

Are you rich or creative minded to make your room look classy and stylish? If not, you need not have to worry as the above assembled cheap and easy ideas can help you make your living room attractive.

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  1. Redecorating can change the whole face of your home. It is helpful in removing those things which are no more useful and just occupying the extra space in home. Following the latest trends can make your home more appeasing.

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