Wireless driveway alarm systems have become an essential and affordable tool for added protection to your home’s security system. Many people are surprised by the affordability of such a powerful security system and have taken advantage of the added protection that it provides. A wireless driveway alarm system will allow you to be able to detect any kind of motion at the entrance to your property. The advantages of using such a system are many.

Motion Detection Advancements

Unlike the motion activated floodlights, you may have had installed in your driveway or yard, motion sensing technology has advanced a lot through the years. Wireless driveway alarms use advanced motion detection that covers as much as 600 feet of your property. These systems can serve to monitor your mailbox, as well as your driveway, so you can be sure that no one is tampering with your mailbox in addition to enhancing the protection of your home.

Advantages of Using a Driveway Alarm System

The biggest advantage to installing an alarm system for your driveway is the comfort of knowing that you will be alerted to any intruders before they reach your home. Even if you already have a security system installed on your door, you will have an advantage with an outdoor motion detection system as you will be alerted to the presences of an intruder before they reach your door.

These devices are generally set up by using a sensor placed beside or underneath your driveway. The receiver is kept inside your home. The sensors can detect metal as well as movements, and if either is detected at the entrance of your driveway, the alarm is triggered. The receiver inside of your home will receive this transmission wirelessly and immediately alert you of the intrusion. There are many different methods you can choose for how you are alerted, including a variety of sounds such as a fast beeping sound, a doorbell, or a spoken warning.

Aside from added comfort and security, another big advantage of using these systems is the affordability. Thanks to advancements in technology in recent years, a wireless system for your driveway has become a very affordable security tool. There are many different types of motion detectors available today, and one of the very popular options on the market is solar powered wireless alarm systems.

Advantages of Going Solar

The biggest advantages of using a solar powered wireless alarm system are obvious: they are inexpensive and the energy you save by using them will save you more money on your electricity bill. They are also much easier to install than a system that needs to be hooked up to your power system.

Solar alarm systems are very efficient and work exactly the same way a regular system would work, except for the fact that they save energy. The alarms store solar power in an internal battery, so they will keep working regardless of what time of day it is and they will never have to be maintained as far as electricians or battery replacements are concerned.