When you ask any chef or food enthusiast what a cast iron skillet is, they will be quick to point out what it is, which would tell you why it’s so prevalent in every kitchen. Cast iron skillets are handy tools that people all over the world use to cook. Compared to the usual Teflon non-stick pans, they are more efficient, more comfortable, and healthier to use.

However, one of the most frequent questions people ask is what it means to season a cast-iron skillet effectively. So, if you’re one of these people, here are five practical ways you can season a cast-iron skillet.

Scrub Well with a Chainmail Scrubber Before You Start

Before you start, the most important thing you need to do is to scrub your skillet thoroughly. Although many scrubbers can achieve this feat, not many can clean your skillet as thoroughly as the chainmail scrubber. This type of scrubber can scrape off food residue that doesn’t want to come off without scrubbing away the pre-existing seasoning.

Leave It to Dry

After scrubbing thoroughly, the next thing to do is to leave your skillet to dry. To get the best results, try to dry it in cool or warm conditions. Drying in intense sunlight for an extended period can gradually damage your cast iron skillet.

Spread Some Oil Over your Cast Iron Skillet

When trying to season your cast iron skillet, it would massively help if you spread some oil over this kitchen utensil. You can either use vegetable oil or melted shortening to do this. However, make sure you distribute this oil in a thin layer only. If the oil layer is thick, it can delay or even prevent the cast iron skillet from absorbing the seasoning.

Place it Upside Down

After putting your oil, many people make the mistake of leaving it in an upright position. Doing this will cause the oil to eventually form in one place, wasting away all your efforts. Hence, it is better to place your cast iron skillet upside down on a middle oven rack at 375 degrees. To prevent excess oil from dripping on the oven, make sure you set a foil below it.

Bake for Sixty Minutes

This is also another vital step many people fail to execute. Some people only leave their skillet to bake for a couple of minutes before taking it out. This won’t allow all the nutrients and seasonings to be absorbed by the skillet. On the other hand, baking for too long can damage the seasoning. Thus, it would be best for you to leave it to bake for the required amount of time; sixty minutes. After it has baked, please leave it to cool in the oven.

The cast-iron skillet is a great utensil to have in your kitchen, as it is arguably the best tool for frying your favorite foods. That said, you must ensure to follow the right processes and procedures to help you season an iron skillet effectively.