Ideas for Decorating Small Apartment… Apartments are gaining popularity among masses as people are now opting to live in small apartments compare to a huge house. There are various reasons that this approach has become prevalent in society. The primary reason that affording an apartment is cheaper than finding an accommodation in a huge house. An apartment does not require maintenance and cleaning of a large area. instead, home chores become a lot easier. Besides, it also enhances one’s s social lifestyle as while living in a community. You get a better chance to meet and greet new people.

A home is a place where a person relaxes and feels the most comfortable. Coming back home after a tiring day wears off half of the exhaustion, and it boasts one’s energy. No matter the size and furniture, people hold a special place for a home in their hearts as they feel that home is the only place where one can feel free and be himself. Since the home is a special place, people invest their money and energy to decorate it as per their choices.

Decoration plays an integral part in giving a house the feeling of home. The decoration of a place can affect one’s mood and looks at the overall area. It has observed a beautifully decorated house can relieve stress and work as an energy booster. Since nowadays living in an apartment is in trend people look for guidelines for the decoration of their residences. A small apartment can also look aesthetic if appropriately decorated.

Some tips for the decoration of a small apartment are listed below.

1. Television Wall

Television is no longer just an object that people keep in the center of a living room and most of their furniture points toward it. Commonly a TV is installed in a wall, and there are multiples ways to decorate that wall. Paints come in various textures and a variety of colors. One way of simple decoration is to have a different colored wall for television. It will stand out and give the living room an alluring effect. TV installation can set in TV cabinets. TV cabinets come with different shelves which provide space to keep several decorative items, other than television remote or other connected devices.

2. Indoor Plants

A garden in a house gives that place a wow factor. A small flat does not usually have enough space to have a garden. However, small planting pots are also available in the market, which not gives a place a peaceful and calming feel but also make the area enticing. Indoor plants come in plenty of designs. You can hang on a wall, put the pots on a shelf or corner, have them installed on a wall or can put in a traditional way in a vase. There are a lot of do-it-yourself tutorials online that give a variety of ideas for planting pots.

3. Mirrors

A mirror is an excellent way to give an airy and spacious feeling to a tiny room. Reflection in the mirror adds to the light, and the room appears brighter. The light, whether natural or artificial bounce deep in the room, and it seems more substantial. If you use a focal point and angle your mirror towards it, then it will give an illusion of a spacious room.

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some magnificent borers. These mirrors serve as an elegant piece for decoration. Mirror calligraphy, glass painting, and having quotes on the mirrors are some of the innovative display of mirrors that appeal to the eye and add to the overall look of the place.

4. Be Creative

There are no hard and fast rules that one is supposed to follow while decorating a house. That is your place, and you have a right to decorate in any way that pleases you. There are also no right and wrong; a central round table will stand out in a room having all things rectangular. Similarly, traditionally a coffee table is kept in the middle of the room, but that is not a rule. Changing the arrangement of regular furniture also give that space a new look.

5. Theme

A different way to decorate your house to set it up according to a theme. A theme does not necessarily have to be in a single color. Incorporating color contrasts, different shades of the same color, or having one color dominating the place with obe big decorative item in a different color is a few ways of decoration. Pastel colors give a vibe of spacious space and having walls in light colors are a big plus in small apartments.

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6. Flexible Tables

Flexible tables, cabinets or folding chairs help in creating more space. A single table can use for several purposes. From dining to writing, side table or coffee table, you can have one table that will serve all purposes. Similarly, bunk beds also save up space of a double bed. You can get a bunk bed custom made as per your choice.

7. Versatile Furniture

A wise person buys furniture items considering the space in his house. It is never a good idea to have too much in a small apartment as it gives that space a suffocating feeling. The advice is to have furniture that does not take too much area. A coffee table that has some compartments, an iron stand comprising of cabinets or a tall vertical bookshelf instead of a wide one are a few examples that appeal to anyone’s eyes and do not clutter a house.

8. Use Walls

Walls of a house reflect the personality of inhabitants. A person having art paintings displayed show that he has a liking for art. Someone who has quotes framed reveals that he could be a bibliophile. Paintings, pictures, frames, indoor plants and many other things can hang on walls as decorative pieces. It is not necessary to have something attached on the wall for decoration, a wall with textured paint appears aesthetic.

9. Keep Things Linear

Setting a room up with objects in a variety of shapes, but following a particular order gives a sense of structure in a small space. Moreover, it also offers an illusion of increased length and breadth while creating an appealing look of the whole area.


Nowadays, a large number of people are living in small apartments, either by choice or by necessity. People think that if they do not have a large acre of land, they are unable to decorate their houses. It is entirely false as decorating a place largely depends on a person’s creativity and choices. People want to enhance the space in their home, while this is practically impossible, but there are a variety of aesthetic ways to give an illusion of space. Shelves on the walls are a great place where one display decoration pieces as per his preferences.

The truth is there is no specific formula for decorating a house. However, there are a few keys that can help anyone with decoration. Floor to ceiling cabinets for storage, pastel-colored walls, display of graphic arts or painting is a few things that never go wrong. Smarter choices and creativity plays an integral part in the decoration of a small apartment. If you have any ideas for Decorating Small Apartment share in the comment section.