Ready for the road? Probably not if you still need to take your DMV test. So the better question is are you ready for the test? If not, then you should be and yes, I know, learning can be extremely boring. But hey, you still have to do it. Since I personally know how dull it can be, I did a bit of research to find a way that could make the entire learning process a bit easier. Besides the usual textbooks, I looked for apps. Naturally, I found a great number of them and while I was googling on the apps, I stumbled upon a site that apparently lists apps by their quality. While going through the list, I read this on their site.

“AppGrooves has filtered the best 10 apps for “DMV Test Prep” in Education from 1,175 apps. Check it out!”

Source: Best 10 DMV Test Prep Apps by AppGrooves

Wow! I don’t know if that’s true but 1175 different apps?! That’s a lot. So I dug a bit deeper and tried a couple of DMV test apps they claim to be the top 10 out of 1175. It turned out they aren’t bad and each has something that might appeal to someone. So, I decided to pick out 3 apps I think are the best and review them.

DMV Hub for in-depth feedback on your practice test

The first one I’d like to mention is DMV Hub as it seems to be the best all-around. It has a comprehensive practice test with, I believe, over 500 questions organized in 19 different topics and presented in a simple and user-friendly interface. And if you get stuck on a specific question, DMV Hub provides more than your average answer description. They give you instant feedback for every question. I found this incredibly helpful when identifying areas I need to focus on more. In just a few hours, I quickly learn a good chunk of what I imagine could appear on the real DMV test. Finally, if you want to focus on a specific topic, you can easily customize the test with just a few taps or randomize questions to quickly learn all the driving essentials.

So yeah, I think DMV Hub is a great one in general and I don’t really have anything terrible to say about it. Whenever I review apps I try my best to provide both sides of the coin. But DMV Hub I got to say, it’s a pretty solid app. Nevertheless, I stumbled upon two more I believe might be better if you’re looking for something more specific. So let me give my review on them as well.

DMV Genie Permit Practice Test for taking as many tests as you want

DMV Genie is a great study companion with hundreds of practice questions organized by difficulty level. Also, you can find a test that has been created using the individual driver’s manual for your state and you can specify depending on the vehicle you’re taking the test for. I’m not sure if it’s true, but apparently, all questions are taken directly from motorcycle, car and CDL tests which is great. It certainly builds the reliability. I like that the app doesn’t just shower you with information, but it also provides an interactive element where you’re asked what would you do in a specific traffic situation. I believe this is a great way to get a great grasp of the overall test.

But the main reason I decided to include the app is the feature that automatically stores questions you get wrong. What the app does is it explains and stores the question to your challenge bank, so you can go back and re-do it until you get it right. I believe this to be really helpful if you’re one of those people who put unfinished stuff for later and then forget. I know it happened to me tons of times. But this way, you can have an app to memorize it for you.

DMV Permit Practice Test 2018 Edition for learning while having fun

Finally, here’s one I found for all of you who hate learning. I’ll be honest, studying for a DMV driver’s permit test can seem dull and boring. However, if you want to take that car out for a drive you need to prepare for that DMV test! DMV Permit Practice by CoCo turns your DMV test into a fun game, where you beat levels by answering questions correctly. The sense of accomplishment you get when beating each level serves as a great motivation to keep going. I believe the app is taking the gamification trends and I love they are trying to do something different.

I think it has fewer questions than the first two, but it has more than enough to help you with your DMV prep. And the fact it feels more like a fun quiz than a boring school test makes everything less annoying.

So that’s it. I hope you’ll find my 3 short reviews useful and they will help you ace your driver’s license test. I’d love to know if they do and I’d be thrilled if you find any more apps or ways to make DMV tests a lot easier. Thanks for reading and happy driving.