Small Law Firms are often formed for various reasons. In most instances, the decision to dissolve a small law firm is mutual and voluntary. Atlanta law firm partnership attorney advisors are very experienced at federal and state regulations and provide comprehensive legal advice in the dissolution of your small law firm. Whether the decision comes about as a result of business necessity or a desire to downsize, business owners can dissolve their legal partnership by following the steps laid out in the legal document, known as a partnership agreement.

Most of the time, law firms will dissolve over issues that cannot be resolved between the partners. If there is a power imbalance, this may result in the partners fighting over which member is ultimately responsible for the failed business venture. Atlanta law firms may dissolve due to disagreements over property ownership or other issues that cannot be resolved. If a partner wants out, he or she must first inform the other partner. If the partner decides to leave the business, it is important to notify all current and future creditors so that they are aware of the pending dissolution.

Atlanta Law Firm Dissolution Attorneys

  • There are a number of Atlanta law firm dissolution attorneys who are able to help with this type of situation. To begin the process of discharging a legal entity, legal counsel is necessary. Atlanta attorney counselors can help you determine whether or not an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding is necessary, as well as providing valuable information on the steps that must be taken in order to complete such proceedings.
  • Once all debts are paid, assets that can be easily divided are identified. In some cases, Atlanta attorney counselors can even make a financial recommendation to retain an independent legal professional to handle the liquidation of company assets. This can save time and money, as liquidating company stocks can prove to be complicated for inexperienced owners.
  • In addition to being able to help liquidate a company, Atlanta law firm dissolution attorney counselors can also help an owner who has been forced into bankruptcy protect his or her intellectual property. Intellectual property can include a wide range of items, from trade secrets to trademarks to inventions. Some companies have been successful in retaining the rights to their intellectual property in order to avoid a bankruptcy case.
  • Unfortunately, other companies have lost their intellectual property rights to pay their creditors. Owners who feel their rights have been violated may file a claim of damages in federal court. A judge will determine whether the party’s rights were violated and determine the amount of damages that should be awarded to the claimant.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Atlanta attorney counselors can also help individuals and businesses with personal injury cases. This type of case involves an individual filing a personal injury claim against another individual or business. Personal injury claims may be brought for a wide variety of causes, such as a motor vehicle accident or a workplace accident. The personal injury attorneys at an Atlanta law firm can help victims receive the settlement they are entitled to based on the specifics of their case. If there is negligence on the part of another party, the attorneys at the firm can represent their client in court to ensure that they receive the settlement they deserve.

Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

When an Atlanta law firm is handling a client’s case, they ensure that they work closely with their client to develop an appropriate strategy. This includes having lawyers perform all of the research necessary to build a strong case against their opponent. They will obtain witnesses and documents that will help them build their case. And, at the same time, Atlanta injury lawyers will make sure that their client receives adequate compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured in an accident that was the fault of another party, you will want to work with an experienced personal injury law firm to get you the best results.