Your bedroom is the most comfortable space in your house, and it should always stay like that. Although it might not be a very entertaining place for your guests, it certainly holds a special place. It is the safe haven we all desire for –a place that is forever welcoming. The bedroom shares the same reputation, whether you live in a small apartment or a big house. For that reason, it should look presentable and feel warm when you step inside.

If you have not given much attention to how your bedroom looks, then it is time to do it now. After all, it is the place where you tend to spend most of your time. It is essential to stay connected with a place like a bedroom. Just like that, the look of it also plays a significant role in calming you and helping you sleep. This is why a little makeover would not hurt, right?

Before starting with your bedroom venture, keep some things in mind. First comes the budget and make sure you have a reasonable budget set for it. Then comes the principal thing; the brainstorming part where you need to finalize an interior design for your bedroom. This is where you will need to put in an extra effort not to regret the final look. If your bedroom does not replicate with your wild imaginations, you might not feel comfortable.

Moreover, it would be best if you felt confident about your decision. You can customize the whole look by being creative. While we are talking about customization, do not forget to try some custom ideas. For instance, you can opt for a custom map if you’re someone who loves traveling or have traveled a lot to motivate you for your next trip. And if you’re a photographer, why not add best of your works framed on your wall. They will surely elevate the bedroom look and make it come together in one piece.

If you still have trouble processing it all, then keep reading. Here is a list of top bedroom interior trends of 2020 to look for when remodeling. These trends are everyone’s favorite, all the more reason to invest some time and money in them. So let us dive right into the bedroom details.

1. Go with your instincts; trust the textures

There is nothing wrong with trusting your gut and doing what you feel like. When it comes to designing your bedroom, it is best to style it with some textures. 2020 is all about statement textures and a mindful combination of it. So do not be afraid of adding some layers of beautiful textures in your bedroom.

Textured walls will be a great start, followed by some woolen blankets, textured paintings, fuzzy rugs, and curtains. For furniture, you can go with wooden cupboards and a rustic bedroom set. Remember to be open about the textures you will be using and play around with them. Textures can easily give a personalized touch to your bedroom, making it a cozy and friendly place.

2. Try the bohemian look for a change

The bohemian interior designing trend has different meanings for different types of mindset. Some people consider it a diverse blend of bright prints and colors. Others think of it as gravitated towards designing a relaxing theme with a neutral backdrop. If you love any of these bohemian styles, then start planning your bedroom’s makeover.

You can also do some mix and match of both styles, with cheerful colors and a rejuvenating bedroom theme. While going bohemian, you will realize why this bedroom style is trendy. It hits the right spots of the person’s heart and mind, refreshing them within an instant.

3. Monochromatic theme all the way

The monochromatic look is everyone’s favorite in 2020. It is not only reserved for the bedroom makeover, but it goes beautifully in other parts of the house too. The monochromatic look gives a sophisticated touch to the bedroom, with a bold and simplistic theme. Try to pick different shades of black and white. The monochromatic look is the most fun to design, and it gives the bedroom a classy edge.

You can spice things up with different patterns and styles of similar shades, such as grey bedroom design with black décor and hints of dark upholstery. Compare it with a patterned rug and white study table near the terrace.

4. Keep it simple; be minimalistic

Another trending bedroom interior design of 2020 is the idea to be minimal. If you are tired of the clutter inside the bedroom, then follow this trend. Everyone admires the minimalism, and you will love it too. This interior trend will not only save your money but will only require half of your efforts. Honestly, the less is more fits perfectly over here. Your bedroom needs to be an open space where you can lie down, explore your imaginations, and sleep well.

Minimalism is a fantastic way to give your bedroom a refreshing and crisp makeover. Get rid of the unusable stuff and only stick to the basics. Buy some clean bed sheets, place a small plant in the corner, and organize your bookshelf. The whole idea of a minimalistic lifestyle is to use whatever is currently available and not buy in excess. Try to follow the same rule inside your bedroom.

5. Accentuate the look with platform beds

Your bedroom will feel incomplete without a transformed bed. In 2020, platform beds are the raving trend and spotted everywhere. People are drooling over the shape of it, something that will excite you too. Try to invest in a platform bed with a complete wooden frame which will give a minimalistic touch to the bedroom. A platform bed will grab everyone’s attention, the minute they will step inside your room. So do not underestimate this trend and get your hands on a platform bed.

The best thing about these beds is they come in different shapes and sizes. You can easily choose the desired style that perfectly fits the overall theme, as it is such a classic take on a modern interior.


The aim of mentioning the bedroom styling trends is to enlighten you about the interior designing world. Lots of designs must be new for you, but this is the beauty of the interior design. You can choose from any and style your bedroom likewise. Try to have fun along the process, and by the end, you will be in awe.So what are you thinking about? Start your bedroom makeover as soon as possible!