Why Real Estate Agents Should use Technology?

Real estate business is a flourishing one which revolves around a few personals namely, the brokers who bring over the clients, the agents who distribute the property and finally the customer who buys the property. A few essential changes are required in this present business as the number of fraud and mal group has increased. A software utility can prevent any type of disruption and cause better sales. CRM (customer relationship manager) helps the agents to keep a full interaction with the customers and thus result into property investments.

Real Estate Agents of Kolkata opt for various CRM platforms to make these transactions smooth and easily manageable. Square is a CRM platform which assists the professional agents to manage Properties as well as the customers and their enquiries. This also deals with the transactions that are made and the Site-visits.  This software helps the agents to guide the selling process or the renting arrangement.  The customer relationship software enables the Real Estate Agents of Kolkata to deal with every problem from one place which includes enquiries to site-visits. It enables the communication with customers professionally through mails, Brochures, and sms. At the same time these software’s allows multiple teams of employees to work simultaneously for different properties.  They also assist in keeping track of every enquiry of a customer and thus can give several offers to those who are actually interested in the property and have visited the site several times.

One of the famous property dealers in Kolkata is the NK realtors who provide all types of residential accommodation for mediocre people to the rich. Some of the lucrative projects which are due are the Aryan towers of the Aryan group which is only 10 minutes from the Dumdum International airport. It provides 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK with 9 feet ceiling height.  There is also Atri Green Residency, Avishi Trident and many others under this realtor group. The 99 acres.com property dealer in Kolkata has around 25518 properties with 3000projects still to be grown. These apartments extend from Rs 25 lacs of 2BHK to 7 crore of 6BHK Villa.

The property dealers in Kolkata provide lucrative offers to customers. The price range is also very vast according to the Square feet. There are official plots also other than residential ones. They hire brokers who bring in clients. Sometimes the brokers invest money to buy tools for better selling. But unfortunately if the agents don’t intend to use it then everyone in the business suffers a loss.

The broker loses the money that he has invested and the agents suffer a loss if the property is not sold and ultimately more loss is incurred for the brokers. Thus the question arises that why aren’t Real estate agents of Kolkata not using the tools provided? Majority still believes that they fair well without the use of these tools but it could have been much better if these tools or software’s were used.

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