Creating a welcoming feeling under your roof is an essential part of what makes a dwelling feel like a home. There’s nothing like knowing your loved ones are all safe and happy together where you live.

However, that lovely feeling can be undone the instant you notice a pest inside your home, like a cockroach or mouse. They’re gross to look at, and they can spread illnesses and diseases.

Let’s check out how the best pest control experts tackle the problem.

Chemicals That Get the Job Done

Like pregnancy, there is no middle ground when it comes to a pest infestation — either you have one, or you don’t. Buying chemicals that mostly work isn’t good enough because there will still be pests after the treatment, and they may reproduce and get their numbers back up.

The most effective pest control services use their own custom sprays, which aren’t available commercially. There’s a major difference between a convenience store spray and the custom solutions experts create by applying their specialized knowledge of each pest species.

Rely on a spray that is lethal to the pest species inside your home while being friendly to pets and the environment. Only trust a company whose sprays use ingredients approved by Health Canada.

Expert Knowledge

Most laypeople don’t have a terrific amount of knowledge about pests. They know that they’re gross and that they shouldn’t be in their home, and that’s about it.

Pest control experts know things you don’t even realize you were unaware of! You might see a mouse or rat in your home, but can you identify the type? Experts can identify them on sight, but they also examine the trail pests leave behind and use this data to inform their plan of attack.

For example, certain types of mice and rats can be identified by the smooth versus rough surfaces they leave in their wake. They can hunt down pests more effectively using this knowledge.

Proactive Control

Uprooting a pest infestation is great. It’s even better to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Leading pest control experts offer Home Protection Plans designed to ensure pests can’t get in.

First, they’ll inspect your property for traces of pests or pest attractants. They’ll kill all pests they come across and remove anything that may attract them, like firewood or construction materials beside the home (where some rodents burrow), or pare down long branches near your home that may otherwise let pests enter.

Then, after discouraging their presence, they’ll spray a preventative treatment to actively repel pests. Finally, they should return to the property to ensure the treatment worked as expected. If somehow it didn’t, they’ll kill any remaining pests free of charge.

A home doesn’t feel homey when pests are inside. You’ll feel icky, like there’s a violation, especially when you try to feel clean when showering or preparing food. Ensure your home is pest-free by calling a leading pest control service that ticks off all the above boxes.


Pic Credit: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

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