London is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists and a great place to live too. One of the things that makes it such a great place to visit is of course the rich culture and the history, and the fact that this can be enjoyed through such a range of attractions and sights. There’s so much to do in fact in London that you can live there for years and still not have done half of what’s on offer – trust me, I know.

One thing to make sure you do see while you’re there though is St Paul’s. It’s a famous landmark in London, but is a little less famous than say Big Ben or the Tower of London outside of England meaning that many tourists forget to check it out.

Make sure though next time you’re in London that you do check it out, because it’s a beautiful building with a surprising amount to offer – particularly if you’re Christian but also for anyone else who just wants to look around some of London’s history.

St Paul's Cathedral

Getting There

Before you visit St Paul’s it’s worth booking tickets online to make sure that you will get in, and because it will get you a good discount by booking in advance (you’ll save about £2). It’s not terribly cheap, but it’s worth it and it all goes to the good cause of maintaining the church.

Getting to St Paul’s is very easy thanks to the fact that the nearest stop is actually called St Paul’s. You can get there on the Central Line which for London neophytes is a quick and convenient tube line that runs right through the centre of London. I recommend getting there early because there are a large selection of great coffee shops in the area where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying a view of the church from outside.

Things to Do

When you get inside the church you’ll be handed an audio guide. I recommend you give this a listen because it’s actually very interesting and the choir music is great for setting the scene. There’s also a lot more to do here though too. Immediately you’ll be likely to be struck by the large dome at the top of the church, and it’s a great view from down below. Better yet though is to climb up to the top of the dome which will afford you fantastic views over all of London. There’s a lot of stairs though, so it’s not for the faint hearted.

On the way you’ll also get to see the Whispering Gallery. This is an area inside the dome where sound travels around the walls, and if you get a friend or relative to stand on one side and hold their ear to the wall, you’ll be able to whisper to them all the way from the other side.

Next you should check out the crypt are downstairs. Here many of London’s most famous historical figures are buried including Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. You should also check out the 270 degrees film experience named the ‘Oculus’ while you’re down here.

Finally of course do be sure to spend some time in one of the churches in london and if you are religious to maybe say a prayer or light a candle.

Rosy Bennett, the author of this article is a very God-fearing person. She a member of the Impact church. It is a lovely church in London, where they help you come closer to God.

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