If you are considering buying your next vehicle soon or even starting to saving to buy a vehicle after Christmas (the busiest time of the year for people search for vehicles is boxing day) then you may want to consider a complete change from four wheels to two, especially if you live in the South East of England. There are a number of reasons why two wheels are better than four in the South East, ranging from better weather, easier travel to cheaper commutes.

No It Is Not A Mid-life Crisis

Buying a Motorcycle used to be something that was associated with a mid-life crisis! Somebody trying to stay young at heart. However, buying a motorcycle can give you freedom and comfort that you may not get from a car and they are more practical than you think.

The Cost Of a Motorcycle Compared To A Car

The cost of a brand new mini (a mid-range vehicle) will cost you around £15,000 whilst a top of the  Motorcycle such as a Kawasaki Ninja would cost less than £12,000 and a top quality bike that is 3 years old will cost you around £6,000! You will also save on the price of petrol as fuel for a motorcycle will cost you a quatre of the price a car. People are becoming more award of this and it has led to an increase in the number of motorcycles sold in recent years.

Motorcycle vs Car

Travelling On A Motorcycle Does Not Have To Be Lonely

Travelling on a motorcycle does not have to be a lonely experience, as a couple or even riding lone you can still enjoy travelling to popular motorcycle meeting areas and spend time with other motorcycle enthusiasts. There are a lot of Motorcycle clubs around for people of all disciplines such as vintage motorcycles and race bikes. You can usually find event days online which list which areas to travel to. Motorcycle meet-ups are especially popular on sunny days and bank holiday weekends. Even motorcycle showrooms such as Rocket Centre have their own biker cafe.

Enjoy Traveling Distances

You will also probably enjoy travelling on those long country A-roads much more than you would stuck in a baking hot car. Some people choose to travel across Europe on their motorcycle on designated routes, something that you would not do via a car due to the cost of fuel. If you are considering traveling then using a motorcycle and using websites such as couchsurfing.org means that you can travel across Europe without it costing a fortune.

Keep Dry And Stay Comfortable

Although there is no way of 100% staying dry during bad weather, textile clothing can help you to stay dry and comfortable during bad weather, meaning you do not have to put up with heavy leather clothing. If you live in the South of England the chances are that you will have better weather than living in the North so try to take advantage of this.

Advantage Of Having A Motorcycle In The South East

If you have a motorcycle in the South East you can also take advantage of free access across the Queen Elizebeth II Bridge (also known as the Dartford Crossing) which makes a motorcycle a perfect mode of transport in that area.

Guest Post by Mario Shenton – Motorcycle enthusiast and blogger for Rocket Centre

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