If a person were asked to use one word to describe Sydney, it would have to be breathtaking. What other word can you use when you have before you near perfect weather, one of the world’s most beautiful harbor as well as the iconic Sydney Opera House and stunning Harbour Bridge. The city however is more than just these world famous architectural marvels. It has many other places of interest which caters to people who love city life as well as those who wish to commune with nature.

Some must see places in Sydney

Dividing the city into its south and north halves is the harbor. Many visitors start their visit with a trip to the southern portion of the city where Darling Harbor, Chinatown and the Harbor Bridge are located. In the northern part of the city is where most of the commercial centers and shopping are located. The Taronga Zoo, ocean beaches, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park are the other attractions that draw visitors north.

Darling Harbour

One of Sydney’s larger public aquariums is located here. It gives you a fantastic underwater view through two transparent tunnels where you’ll see sharks as well as stingrays gliding beside and above you. There are also crocodiles, multi-colored fishes and giant sea turtles in the facility. Kids and adults will also enjoy and learn through the displays depicting Australia’s river system and the marine life in its Great Barrier Reef.

The Harbour Bridge

Harbor Bridge. Sydney, Australia

You can’t say you’ve been to Sydney without exploring the Harbour Bridge and the most adventurous way to do it is walking to its midpoint to see a bird’s eye view of the city. Taking the eastern path is best because it overlooks the Opera house.

Sydney’s Opera House-Listed in 2007 as a World Heritage site the Opera house is one landmark you just can’t leave the city without seeing. Due to all the construction difficulties some consider it a miracle that the building was even completed. The outcome however is a joy to behold with its “sails” gently billowing as if welcoming visitors to its harbor. The opera house has five theatres that showcase Australia’s leading talents in ballet, the Sydney dance company and of course opera.

Taronga Zoo

The north shore houses Sydney’s zoo. It has a substantial selection of the country’s indigenous wild life including the beloved koala. Aside from the animals the views of the harbor while you leisurely stroll are stunning and create as much reason to visit the zoo as the exotic animals.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

This Park is the second oldest national park in Australia and is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. You will be able to experience winding creeks, rocky cliffs, mangroves as well as stretches of ocean without leaving the city.

Things to do in the city


The specialty shops at The Rocks as well as its galleries with one of a kind gifts, handmade ceramics and unique fashions are a must see. The Queen Victoria building is also a shopper’s haven with designer styles under magnificent glass arches. Shopping at Oxford Street and Surry Hills is great for vintage clothing as well as beachwear.


Bars and clubs are a trademark hangout of locals and visitors. At night the lights illuminate the street and fun-loving locals are out and about ready to flash a friendly smile.

Sydney is a unique city because it allows a person to commune with nature without having to leave the area. In most countries you would have to drive for several hours in order to experience nature the way you can in here. When you are in this city its feels like you are always being refreshed by nature. How can you say goodbye to a place like this?


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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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