Do not worry ahead of time! College is definitely like New High School. Luckily, we take you away from fiction and simply discuss about the reality that you will live when you’re about to enter college. 

Are you sweating? Experiencing insomnia, agitation, panic attacks, etc? You are about to enter college and thus you experience an increase of fears due to the fact that you will be facing an unknown studying environment. Odds are, you are suffering from the famous fear of change, uncertainty and many thoughts of possible difficulties come to your mind.

A Transition

According to many, the transition from high school to college can be serious business. The responsibility is greater, but the advantage is that you only study subjects related to the area that interests you. Maybe everybody tells you that college will be very difficult, however, the education system is easy and fully enhanced.

College Myths

You should not be alarmed, everything will be fine. You’ve probably heard, the typical college myths, and you need an answer.

College Myths

The teachers do not resolve doubtsThis is False

The image of the teacher, who speaks fast without pausing, is usually one of the most terrifying fears for new students. It is common to deal with difficult teachers but this happens all the time. On the other hand, students are supposed to show maturity. Yet, many career teachers have no pedagogical studies, so even though they know a lot, they don’t really know how to transmit it well. This is where the student should ask without fear.

Organize Yourself

You need to draw and follow the proper schedule. If you fail to follow a specific plan, odds are you will be facing all sorts of problems. This also applies to high school so it is pretty much the same.

Some individuals think college will take all their time. You should not be frightened by the idea that the work will be multiplied a hundredfold. It rather depends on the quality of work. The demands of teachers vary, plus in high-school you are already prepared to deal with quantity, as well. If your main fear is not go out with your friends or enjoy free time, this is a question that you can actually decide. It is always up to you, everything depends on how you organize yourself.

Subjects are fun and not hard. It is true that there are some subjects that are more complex than others, but when looking at it with other eyes, considering organization and consultation time, the specific difficulty can be totally managed. Any difficulty or problem lies in how much you care about it. In short there are no difficult subjects, it depends on the focus. You cannot expect to become a pro in any field unless you work on it with determination and ease.

Feel free to share your own comments and experience. Are you struggling with college methods? Do you believe college education is similar to high-school style? Are you enjoying your college time?

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