It has long been a debate considering the option of which boiler is being the best? The consumers are left with the option of gas boiler and electric boiler, where both have their great advantages and few drawbacks. So to help you understand better between these two complicated options, Pro Comfort Control outlines the pros and cons of these boilers, helping you choose the best option for your house. They offer you the most affordable and cost-effective boilers installation Framingham, MA, promising to provide you only with the best reliable services.

So, let’s get started with the age-old debate of which boilers being the best.

What is an Electric Boiler?

Electricity is used in the electric boiler, where it heats the water, and is then supplied to your radiators, cylinders, and taps.


  • The electric boilers installation is much cheaper compared to gas boiler
  • They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly as there is no burning of fossil fuels during the operation
  • It offers a quiet and silent operation
  • Compact size
  • Annual service is not required but it is better for annual maintenance to guarantee long operational years
  • It does not need to be stationed outside the wall because there is no gas waste or flue pipe.


  • It is expensive to operate
  • It is not recommended for homes that have high hot water or heating demand or larger homes. The reason is because of the limitations on the boiler input ratings
  • Electricity production can produce carbon in a large amount
  • The main disadvantage is power cut, without which there will be no access to hot water

What is a Gas Boiler?

A gas boiler is a system that produces hot water by burning gas fuels. The hot water is then transported through the pipes, either directly to the taps or the cylinders.

The gas boiler is powered either by LPG – liquid petroleum gas or natural gas. The natural gas boilers are fueled from a network underground. In the case of LPG boilers, the gas is stored in the cylinders or bottles, which need to be replaced on a regular basis.


  • It is cheaper to run
  • It is the most recommended and popular boiler covering the majority of the MA homes
  • The gas boilers come with many brand manufacturers, giving its users additional options and choices
  • The supply of gas is always available and uninterrupted
  • It meets the large demand for hot water and is best suited for large homes or homes with many people
  • The replacements of the boiler are mostly simple and easy
  • It is energy efficient


  • It can be a costly affair installing a gas boiler
  • There is a high risk of gas leakage. But this can be prevented if you get it installed and maintained by experienced professionals and gas safe registered engineers
  • Not many homes are connected to the gas grid networks.

Costs of Installation

The gas boiler installation is considered to be more expensive than the installation of an electric boiler. At the same time, the installation cost of both the boilers also depends on the complexity and its usage types.

When witnessed in the long run, the gas boiler will cost you four times less operational option, in comparison to the electric boiler. So if you are a tight budget planner, then a gas boiler is the recommended one.

Efficient in Energy

Though the gas boiler can come at a cheap operational option, if viewed on the efficiency mode, the electric boiler leads the list. If used efficiently, you will be rewarded more in the future years.

Electric and Gas Boiler Brands

No matter what happens, gas boilers need annual maintenance service to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system. It will also help in avoiding gas leakage problems. Owning a gas boiler, one can never risk delaying or ignoring the maintenance plan as it can lead to dangerous situations affecting yours, your loved ones, and your neighbors. Therefore, for the safety of others surrounding you, make a note of a compulsory annual maintenance plan.

In the case of electric boilers, yearly service is not recommended. But it would still be wise to opt for a yearly maintenance plan to improve the boiler efficiency and add years to your boiler system.

Therefore, choose the option which suits you and your family the best.